Breastfeeding Dilemma: Flat Nipple Correction

22 Apr

Breastfeeding is one avenue where woman achieves fulfillment and contentment as a woman, a successful mother, that is. The act entails the mother to offer her bossom not only to nourish but sustain that life that emanated from her womb, become fit and healthy individual. While some woman achieves this gratification, some woman however fail and  deem unfit as a mother. Women with flat or inverted nipples for instance fail inadequate as a mother and could affect them psychologically.

Fortunately, there’s a remedy to address this problem. Several online sites may be referred to on these subject matter but I’d like to share a local management that with do during delivery and while establishing breastfeeding.

All you need is pair of scissors and a 10mL syringe.

1. With your pair of scissors, cut the end where the needle is attached to make it appear like this.

2. Remove the plunger, then insert through the cut end so that the tip of the plunger will now approximate the blunt end, as shown below.

3. Then appose the blunt end to the nipple. Pull the plunger creating a vacuum effect that will “pull” the nipple up. 

Do this repeatedly until the desired result is achieved, i.e., the nipple would be easily grasped by the baby.



Thank you for reading and sharing.

this method/technique is not my own; I am not aware though who originally thought of this technique. I acquired this from my senior residents and employed it during my training, and until now.)

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