Labor And Delivery Tidbits

22 Apr

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One of the fact that men will never fathom about labor and giving birth is the pain that a woman goes through. Firstly, she isnt allowed to drink nor eat during labor and yet, at the time of bearing down, she has to summon all strength left there is for baby to come out. Have you ever wondered how a woman does this? I can’t. I usually workout and having no snacks at least 2 hours before the workout make me weak enough to exercise. But a woman needs more strength than a man does need to lift weights in order to do this. Marvelous!

Another thing noteworthy is the pain of the actual delivery. No, not the labor pains but the pain actually experienced when the baby’s head is already almost about to come out. One woman described the pain as if her pelvis is being cracked open; another one described it as if her pelvis is being ran over by a truck. When I go to spa and look at men and women undergo facial, I usually see men wincing and moaning in pain when their comedones are being extracted. But how much more this magnitude of labor pain?ย And then, some men have the guts to call them weaker sex? On what aspect?

We’ve got to give it to women. I for one salute them…

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