Sex in the Young

22 Apr


A colleague of mine blogged about a 12 year old female patient of his… who got pregnant… after a gangbang… with friends of same age. Problem is, she couldn’t personally identify who the father of the child is. (Unless of course DNA testing will be done amongst all suspects).

Just earlier today, a news item showed a 13-year old boy, raping a six-year old girl. According to the news, in as much as the suspect can’t be arrested (for what reason I don’t know and understand), they settled to the tune of… 500 pesos only. Not 500,000, not 500,000,000, but merely 500 pesos. Insulting? A child’s honor and dignity is only worth that much?

Few weeks ago, I was called to attend to the delivery of one mom. When I did my interview with the grandmother, I learned that the mom was only 15 years old. When I asked who the father of the child is, if how old he is as well (because back in my mind, I was already considering a probable case of statutory rape), the grandmother declined to answer. I already understood that it’s something painful to talk about so I did not dig any further.

Bottom line is, all of the involved are minors. These kids are still having their body attain physical maturity in preparation for child-bearing role in the future. Yet here they are, already subjected prematurely to that role. What is wrong? What have gone wrong?

Drastic intervention is badly needed… And one method that will have a very significant impact to abate such increasing incidents is educating them properly about sexuality at a young age. Rational/critical thinking begins at around seven years of age; thus it is but logical to start teaching age-appropriate sex education around this age. Studies have already shown that sex education does not promote sexual promiscuousity among younger individuals; on the contrary, it delays the timing of first sexual encounter.

Until these young people do not understand their body, it’s function, the changes, their curiosity will keep them exploring things whilst unaware of the many consequences. The reproductive health bill includes sexual education of the young. Until RH Bill or similar bill including this scope isn’t enacted let’s not be surprised with increasing prevalence of sex-related issues among younger individuals.

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Posted by on April 22, 2012 in RHBill, Sex Education


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