Unwanted and Unplanned Pregnancies

22 Apr

Sunday is my only legal day of rest, what with no clinic hours; just round the hospital inpatients, then the day is done. Last Sunday, having no referral for deliveries, I deliberately slept late as I know I have the license to wake up late as well. Unfortunately, at 6:30 in the morning, I was awaken by a distress call.

Resident: Good morning dok. Pasensiya na po sa istorbo pero may pinaparefer lang po si (name of colleague/doctor).

     Me: O ano ba yon?

     Resident: meron po kasing kaso ng induced abortion, 19-20 weeks yong baby, dito sa emergency room. May heartbeat pa. Pinapatanong po ni (name of doctor) kung pano ang S.O.P. natin sa ganitong case?

     Me: Just provide comfort care (oxygen, warmth). Then wait till heartbeat stops. (This baby has no chance of making even with intensive care as the lung structure hasn’t developed maturely at all).

How couldn’t you not have a bad start of the day with such referral?

Also recently, how many headlines have struck us?

1. Isang fetus na nakabalot sa plastic na nakabitin sa puno, natagpuan sa…

2. Isang sanggol ay natagpuan sa kanal matapos tumila ang ulan sa…

3. Isang sanggol, kasama pa ang inunan (placenta), natagpuan sa tumpok ng basura sa…

What do these abortions speak of?

How many of these babies would have grown genius, the best president the country would have had, scientist, physician, revolutionist? Why must their lives be wasted? Why had their lives been ended prematurely just because they’re the result of various circumstances – outcome of rape; so many children that the family cant afford to feed another mouth; fear that the mother will be killed or disowned by the family; among other else?

In cases where these babies are from unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, can’t their mothers be given a chance to take part on the decision making? Can’t they be involved also because they’re half part of the equation? Why deny them of their chance? Why deny them of the access to a better family? Why not reproductive health bill, NOW?

Let’s avert this unfortunate, PREVENTABLE tragedy. Pass and enact the reproductive health bill ASAP.

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