Meet-Up Gone Bad

15 May

A prominent doctor in the south befriended a minor through facebook. He brought him, with another companion to his house. The former was stabbed to death. The initial story told that the physician was about to sexually abuse the minor, so he only defended himself that lead to accidental killing of the doctor. In a newer development however, a video of the incident was taken. The cellphone of the minor was the one used to record what actually happened. In that video, it shows that the physician, bare on top, was with two companions, the minor bare on top and another wearing a red shirt. The doctor entered a door, then he came back. When his back was towards the two younger guys, he was initially hit with a rock, unprovoked, by the minor. While the doctor was wailing in pain and shouting for help, he was brought inside the bathroom, where he was repeatedly stabbed. Later in the video, he got out of the bathroom, but he was again dragged back inside. The minor even took picture of the doctor’s body lying still. At the end of the video, the minor held the cellphone, looked at the camera and winked. Police investigation revealed that they planned to kill the doctor, even before reaching the house.

More on the video:

I’m aghast! How can a minor even think and plan this? When I was 16, I was battling my way into college. I had botany, algebra, psychology to contend with, and didn’t even think of killing someone. But these kids nowadays… I can only shake my head…

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