Dateline to Impeachment

24 May

My poor recall of this part of Philippine History…

Few years ago… GMA was proud to be this…

August 2009:

Former Pres. Corazon Aquino succumbed to colon cancer. During her funeral march, several people have been calling out for Sen. Noynoy Aquino to run as President in the next year’s election.

October 2009:

Sen Noynoy Aquino took some time to reflect whether to accept people’s encouragement.

November 2009:

Sen. Noynoy Aquino filed his certificate of candidacy as President of the Republic of the Philippines under the Liberal Party.

May 2010:

Noynoy Aquino emerged as a popular president with a landslide victory (redundant?).

June 2010:

President Noynoy Aquino announces the creation of TRUTH Commission that shall be responsible for the investigation of misdeeds of the past administration.

(Then I dont remember the dates that followed)

Supreme Court junks the Truth Commission.

Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez was impeached.

(BIR and DOJ joint committee conducting investigation on Electoral Sabotage – according to Sec DeLima)

June 2011

PNoy delivered his 2nd SONA. GMA didnt attend the SONA, instead went to her hometown on the same day to inspect. Later in the day she was admitted at St. Lukes Hospital due to nape pains and hypertension? Then GMA attended Sen Miriam’s Wedding.

But during the recessional… look at GMA at the upper left corner of the photo: (Yes, no neck brace!)

As days passed by, GMA was diagnosed to have some bone spurs in her neck. She required wearing neck braces and underwent neck surgery.

Few days after GMA’s admission at St. Luke’s Hospital, this picture was released…

The neck surgery of GMA had complication, either and endocrine problem with calcium imbalance or infection. It was the former later that was the main consideration.

Series of scams have been coming out.

PCSO scandal broke out. Allegedly, a bishop sought a vehicle as a gift from GMA.

PCSO Charity fund was channeled through other purposes, was that about 700M?

PAGCOR 300M also went… where?

Anomalous purchase of helicopters by the PNP where Mike Arroyo’s name was dragged.

One of the Ampatuans testified vs GMA about election rigging in his region during 2007.

Mikey Arroyo and wife slapped with tax evasion charges by BIR.

November 25, 2011: 

GMA lawyers prepared a fake medical abstract (based on personal observations of the lawyers, not the doctors) and asks her doctors to sign it, but they refused.
Then GMA’s lawyers petitioned SC to have TRO of the WLO so that GMA can fly and go abroad for treatment because she has apparently a life-death condition.
SC by virtue of 8 justices (all GMA appointees, including CJ Corona) grants the TRO, GMA able to pay 2M bond beyond 5pm, after office hours of SC cashier.
Then GMA entourage headed to airport, staged a drama. They were given VIP access but they instead went to public gate (remember how GMA wants VIP treatment before, when asked to remove shoes at airport and was to be whisked, she asked the guard, “kailangan pa bang gawin to?” irritatedly)

Leila deLima enforced that they not be allowed to leave the country.
Reactions poured out on why did the DOJ secretary defy the SC ruling.
On the other hand, why did the SC hastily issued TRO without hearing govt side.
GMA headed to St Lukes.
On a friday, SC en banc session was held, COMELEC-DOJ joint panel filed Electoral Sabotage vs GMA, Ampatuan, Bodal and Abalos. Pasay RTC Judge Jesus Mupas issued warrant of arrest for everyone.
Saturday, GMA had her booking (finger printing, mugshots taken by the police at SLH).
Tuesday:oral arguments for the SC granting TRO vs WLO
Friday: GMA doctors testified in court; claimed GMA condition getting much better, can go home anytime. GMA’s lawyers motioning that doctors need not testify, now wants a motion for house arrest instead of hospital arrest.
Another photo of GMA after the foiled exodus…
GMA dont want doctors to testify in public because GMA wants her condition in private.
Prosecution moves for GMA transfer to a detention cell.
GMA got transferred to Veterans Memorial Hospital.
December 2011:
House of Congress by virtue of 188 congressmen, filed impeachment complaint against Renato Corona.
PNoy owned 2% of the shares of Hacienda Luisita, but sold his share before his presidential election. (This I recall from Winnie Monsod’s videos).
(Please feel free to correct me with the chronology of these events by posting your comments, or insert details that I have forgotten to include. Very much appreciated).
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