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09 Jun

Here is this woman, a lay missionary for the Catholic church, NEVER MARRIED, NEVER HAD A CHILD, and shall I presume NEVER HAD SEX; (Okay, let’s make it sound righteous, VIRGIN) and yet speaks with chutzpah and effrontery regarding women’s reproductive health. I knew for sure it will be a dangerous move to engage her, and I got what I deserved?…

@drclinton: once and for all, NFP is not possible for all women (ex, irregular menses) & NFP has high failure rate

@nirvadel: once and for all, my pretty dear. they are such a special segment.we are talking about state funding to make it a default

@drclinton: why not? We pay taxes, govt gives back. And why would CBCP who doesnt pay taxes dictate where taxes should go?

@nirvadel: i am talking to you as a private citizen.i’m not a bishop nor do i ever hope to be.exactly bec our taxes need to be used WELL.

@drclinton: you cannot insist abstinence coz sex has health benefits. Why deprive couple the benefit?

@nirvadel: excuse me,NFP is not a starvation is a carefully synced method to coincide with d woman’s cycle.they have sex,believe me

@drclinton: FYI, reproductive health is not textbook description. Since you’re not a physician stop pretending to know whats best for women! do you fervently believe that all women has regular menstrual cycle, amenable to natural FP?

@nirvadel: if they knew just what their other options are, i believe they would.

@drclinton: who in the family should decide what family planning method they should opt?

@nirvadel: informed couples.and seriously the gov’t should have a bias for ones that are constitutional.unconstitutional nga ang AFP e

@drclinton: tigas ng ulo mo, the bill provides options, but other people are intelligent enough to know AFP is best for them. Ipagbawal mo?

@nirvadel:hindi is already available now.pls refer to my tweets that say injectibles are FREE,NOW in brgy health centers

@drclinton:Who told u it is available in ALL health centers? Umakyat ka sa bundok ng Cordilleras at nagsurvey ka? Nagcensus ka sa Mindanao?

(Do I already sound pissed off here?)

@nirvadel: it is a default, believe me. it is being pushed down the throats of poor women na maraming anak.after they give birth literally pinapahiya sila & asked “to stop having kids”.my sister, a doctor told me this. pero poor lang ha, mind you. they don’t do that to rich mothers

@drclinton:default? That is a serious allegation miss. Make sure you have your basis before you accuse.

@nirvadel: oh, boy, do i mean to be already is a default now.

@drclinton: what made you say UNCONSTITUTIONAL ang AFP? Miriam Santiago is constitutional expert, author of RHBill in senate.

@nirvadel:oh gawd. don’t get me started with that woman.AFPs are abortifacients.igoogle mo, pls. consti states protection of the unborn

@drclinton: I am a doctor. We in the medical field know that google is the last website to search for medical facts. Dont teach me!

@nirvadel: then that pits you against other doctors who do not believe AFPs should be for as a doctor you know what abortifacients r

(Then when I wanted to retweet her message regarding the bill as unconstitutional, I couldn’t so I took a screen capture of it)

@drclinton: dear, kahit dinelete mo na ang tweet mo, napicturan ko na! Eto o…

@nirvadel:i’m actually do hoping you guys retweet me. seriously do it pa.

@drclinton:naawa ako sa u, wont RT u coz u r being laughed at.

@nirvadel: mutual feelings a doctor you know what abortifacients are.then you know why they are unconstitutional

@drclinton: I had enough test dose of you, and yeah, you’re not at par. Sorry I have to end this convo. It’s a waste of time. Thanks though.

@nirvadel:sorry din kasi i don’t believe you’re even a doctor head out when we discuss abortifacients.good luck on the practice

@drclinton: pwes, papatulan kita. Explain to me the menstrual cycle and explain where NFP works! Di ako doctor? Pwes, explain by your own words and dont copy or post any link.

@nirvadel: as you also know,every woman’s cycle is different.nfp is taking advantage of knowing her most fertile periods.(do i get a prize?)

@drclinton:Dear @senmiriam , this @nirvadel is claiming that AFPs are unconstitutional, therefore you #RHBill is also unconstitutional. How dare you?

@nirvadel:sigh..magsumbong ka kahit kanino. it’s unconstitutional@senmiriam. oh, i really dare.@senmiriam

I always base my discussions on contraceptive pills and other family planning method on menstrual cycle, as I deem it necessary for all women to understand this before even embarking on any contraceptive method they chose. It is a basic concept that should have been taught during school age years to make women understand their body and their potentials in child bearing. Unfortunately, sexuality education is still a big no in this country hence this opportunity to educate women about their body is gravely MISSED.

How could even a woman, who isn’t married talk expertly about married life, sex life? How could even a woman who has never been pregnant and given birth talk with authority what is best for women and child birth? How could she ever speak for married women when she hasn’t experienced these at all?

Others may ask, who am I to talk about pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, when I am a male after all? Yes, it’s true that I am a male, never been married and certainly never experienced getting pregnant nor giving birth. But I am a lowly pediatrician and neonatologist who gets called upon when problematic pregnancies are about to be terminated. Most of the babies I take care of are products of high-risk pregnancies — women who are walking time-bombs, what with their systolic blood pressures shooting over 200 or diastolic blood pressure to over 100; women whose placenta separated prematurely even before baby was born due to very high blood pressure, women bleeding, women having seizure from very high blood pressure; bottom line: COMPLICATED PREGNANCIES. Whilst I take care of the babies and not the mothers, I do appreciate the significant role of mothers in rearing these sick babies. Because, what will happen to these babies when their mothers die from giving birth?

And you thought, the twitter war between Mo Twister vs Troy Montero/Aubrey Miles was more entertaining huh?

At the end of the day, I finally drew the moral lesson: never engage these dimwits.

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