How Fame-Starved Are Filipinos?

16 Jun

Have you ever wondered why international artists coming to the country to hold concert and/or promote their albums are asked almost always asked the same question? “How do you find the Philippines?” “How do you find Filipino women/men?” “What Filipino words can you say?” And as the foreigner guests/tourists, so as not to offend the host country, and educated and full of common sense that they are, wouldn’t say any word that will offend us. And with their answer, whether genuine or falsely constructed, we applaud them, praise them, almost lick them like a loyal dog to their owners, and pledge our support for them. 

How fame-starved are Filipinos? When someone gets famous abroad, we always want to find out, if not insist, their Filipino lineage and pronto, we claim them as #PinoyPride! As if, the other countries have no right to have someone from their own country famous worldwide. What the…??? Of course, you know for a fact the latest victim of them, Jessica Sanchez. Upon making to the final cut of the American Idol Finalists, we Filipinos had already established her Filipino heritage – her mother is from Bataan. I could not believe it when all of a sudden, a news firm claimed Bataan as Jessica’s H-O-M-E-T-O-W-N! I cringed and immediately searched what hometown literally meant. (According to Merriam-Webster: HOMETOWN, n. — the city or town where one was born or grew up; also: the place of one’s principal residence.) To my personal knowledge, she wasn’t born here, she grew up in the United States of America, and she never resided in Bataan! How could this news firms even have the gall to claim such? If you don’t find it over-acting, a news reporter was sent to Bataan to interview the local officials what they can say and wish for Jessica, just as how they cover the province of Pacman during his fights, to get reaction from his own household and mother. What is worse, local news outfits were giving guidelines how to vote for Jessica during AI eliminations so she could remain in the competition until the finals. That was circumventing the rules of the contest! In the first place we Filipinos are not part of the competition. That low point of Filipino journalism made me feel ashamed. What kind of Pinoy Pride are these media promoting, a nation of cheaters? WHAT IF… those votes were counted? Would you be proud that the winner won by cheating? And if Filipino votes were counted and propelled Jessica to win, would you next demand to change the title to Filipino-American Idol? Are we really that hungry for fame?…

When the finals came and Jessica lost to Philip, some Filipinos didn’t stop. They were asking for the breakdown of votes. While Americans too cannot believe she lost, who are we, Filipinos, to demand and explanation when we have no business it the said competition?

You thought that was the end? When Jessica tweeted that she will be singing the Star-Spangled Banner during the Pacman-Bradley bout, she drew flack. Apparently because Pacman supported her bid in the recent American Idol contest, Jessica should support Pacman back, by singing the Lupang Hinirang. Again, what the…? Even the daughter of a former beauty queen tweeted her dismay over Jessica singing the US National Anthem. (Facepalm, with a force of a kami-kami wave) They didn’t know that Pacman asked Kirby Asunto last February to sing for him, way before Jessica even made it to Top 2 of AI… (Oh this ignorant people really irk me!)

How #famewhore are we Filipinos? Almost everyone getting famous, we try to claim to have Filipino lineage. In the field of basketball, Jeremy Lin, an Asian/Oriental, has been earning praises and has spawned the phenomenon #Linsanity. All of a sudden, here is a fame-starved Filipino tweeting that Jeremy’s mother has Filipino blood… Only to be denied by the former during later dates. What a shame!

It is a genuine FILIPINO PRIDE when someone we don’t exactly know to be Filipino by blood, professes VOLUNTARILY that they are Filipino or are Filipino descendants, when they enter in their registration forms that they are Filipinos; rather than forcing them to admit that they have Filipino blood. Moreover, what if indeed these famous international artists declare there Filipino blood, will that make our economy climb higher notches? Will it make our country less populated, have better literacy rate? I am a Filipino and I take pride too on Filipinos bringing honors to the country, but then, everything, including nationalism and patriotism has to be in a proper perspective.

How fame-starved are Filipinos? Some persons obsess to TREND in twitter. Trending topics mean that something or someone is talked about or tweeted very frequently. And for this, some people beg others to retweet them so they could gain a slot in the trending topics, whether locally or internationally. What difference does it do you when you trend? A few minutes of being talked about doesn’t necessarily make you celebrity, or at the least famous. And at what grounds were you talked about, was it negative or positive issue? If you becoming a trending topic causes a change in paradigm and bring positivity among all  Filipinos, then by all means I will support you and help everyone else trend. 

How fame-starved are Filipinos? What entries are we submitting to the Guiness World Book of Records? largest tablets for the 10 commandments, the longest line of plates washed in one occasion, smallest man in the world, largest freshwater crocodile? Good lord, are these even achievements? And we want to be recognized in the world by trivial grounds?

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