The Pain She Should Never Have

20 Jun


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How painful is the pain experienced by patients with cancer? I can never imagine…

A lady was diagnosed to have breast cancer. She underwent removal of the breast (mastectomy), followed by chemotherapy. Initially, there was remission, but then it recurred, spreading to other organs. This time, there seems to be no remission. She was in pain, severe pain. I may not understand nor completely know how much pain she, they feel. They usually are given analgesics, but I know it’s not enough to suppress it. This person I knew seems to have been dragged and eaten by the pain she was suffering from; I didn’t recognize her when I went to her wake. I thought I went to a wrong wake, but when her mother spoke of her name, that’s the only time I was convinced it was her. Her last few days was an agonizing one. She tried to fight it, but her bravery was nil. Finally, she went ahead, at peace.

She was single, never been married — at least, no kids nor husband to be left behind… In line with this, again I emphasize the role of hormones and family history in the genesis of breast cancer. She has never been married, she did not avail of any contraceptive method to plan a family size. No contraceptive pill caused her breast cancer. She had breast cancer, she has a family history. In fact, one of the persons who I talked to during the wake is also a breast cancer survivor, her cousin.

If she had family history only as a risk factor, how come she developed breast cancer? The only explanation is that, she is single. It means, she had regular menstruation. With every menstruation, there is a rise of estrogen in her system. In contrast, if she were married and had pregnancy, the estrogen level would have been opposed by this 9-months duration of progesterone predominance. Her breast tissue had hormone receptors responsive to estrogen, and this led to the genesis of the cancer. (This case example again debunks these “prolifers” who claim that people who take contraceptive pills are the one who will develop breast cancer; it happens, with or without contraceptives).

What I cannot fathom is, why do cancers have to cause severe pain… Isn’t it enough that cancers are incurable already, why still the pain…

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