The IFs of RH Bill

24 Jun
If you were male, will you be credible enough to speak in behalf of women regarding their reproductive health?

If you were male, who never had the experience menstruating, having dysmenorrhea, having been pregnant, and having endured the pains of labor and giving birth, how authoritative are you to talk about menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pregnancy, labor and birth pains? How authoritative are you to deny the existence of these gender problems and impose what you personally experience over them?


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If you were a single female, never married, never had sex, would you be in a position to tell women how they should space out their child’s birth, to know what contraceptive method is suited for all women? If I were you, I’d rather worry about unopposed estrogen effect for not getting pregnant at all – uterine myoma, breast cancer, etc.

If you don’t have a family of your own, NO wife that wakes up early to cook food, prepare kids and husband to go to school/work, do household chores while attending to younger children, attend to kids and husband when they get back home, rest only when she sleeps, how can you tell them to only observe natural family planning method that requires them to take time to monitor and record their cervical mucus, body temperature, just to know when they are fertile or not?

If you’re not a physician, who has no background in interpreting clinical trials and/or researches, and whose only medical background is the product inserts of some medications and your unguided readings from websites, how can you be knowledgeable to tell others that contraceptives are not listed as essential medicines, that they are absolutely cancerous?

If you have crude understanding of woman’s menstrual cycle, who do not understand that progesterone, a hormone whose effect is to prevent ovulation & to make the uterus and cervix unfavorable for a pregnancy to occur SIMULTANEOUSLY, how can you insist that hormonal contraceptives (pills, injectables) will allow pregnancy to occur and abort them at the same time?

If you’re a single male, with a vow of celibacy, yet you molest child/women because you can’t rule your own libido, or have sex with your male employees, or have a child outside of marriage, are you now credible to speak of abstinence as the only morally acceptable family planning method, and sex should only be viewed as a tool for procreation?

If you’re single, unmarried, vowed for celibacy, why will you prevent couples from having sex apart from procreation when it is already established that regular sexual activity decreases their risk from cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer and improves immune system?

If you have no family to raise, if you rely on donations for your own sustenance, why will I believe you talking about responsible parenthood?

If your only credential is the religion you uphold, who are you to shove your religious beliefs to others who believe otherwise? Is that how Christ, the man you profess, wants you to act?

If you are rich, can afford to financially sustain 84 children, can afford to have queridas y queridos, can afford your wife’s birthing in expensive hospitals, why should you deny lowly people access to health care?


Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. – Chinese Proverb

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  1. drclintonb

    June 25, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    thank you… sorry… i usually write blogs past midnight but then, that’s not an excuse. again, many thanks.


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