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31 Jul


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Few months ago, one baby was referred to my service because the mother was having a life-threatening, severe pre-eclampsia (if I’m not mistaken, her BP was >180/100 and can’t be controlled), on the verge of having seizure. Baby had to be delivered prematurely because she was already not faring well. Baby then was born at 28 weeks, 815 grams. She was able to survive and was discharged after nearly 2 months in the hospital.

When baby was 3 months old, she was supposed to have her injectable hormonal contraceptive but she missed it because the obstetrician was out of town at that time she had her post-natal visit. Then when baby was 5 months old, mother found out that she is 1-month pregnant again. She was very confused and alarmed because she cannot forget her traumatic experience with her first baby, when she almost had seizure due to the very high blood pressure.

On her 2nd month of gestation on the 2nd baby, she came and talked to me in a soft whisper. She was asking my opinion on her plan to have abortion. I was shocked. But at one point, I got her point, her fear of possibly dying while being pregnant again, especially that her first-born is just 5 months old. I really could sense her confusion. Do I blame her to be afraid? No. The thing she fears is a reality and not just a make-believe. I told her, personally, I would not advice abortion as it is a crime. I tried to talk to her, told her the chances of severe hypertension related with pregnancy decreases on the next pregnancies.

Gladly, she took my and her obstetrician’s advice not to go on with her plan. Now, she jokingly blames her obstetrician for being absent during that prenatal check-up that’s why she got pregnant too soon. She gave birth via a repeat cesarean section. This time, she was able to do the Unang Yakap and she was so grateful that she was able to do this at least to one of her kids. Immediately, she had ligation – she and her husband decided on this before the delivery.

Can you blame them for deciding to have ligation? My take? It was their choice. They were well aware of what the consequences of pregnancy to her health, their kids, their family. It was a well-informed, intelligent choice!


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