GMA, CBCP, RH BILL – The Entanglement?

04 Aug

During the 2004 Presidential elections, which GMA “won” against Fernando Poe Jr, the former was accused of massive cheating thus her victory. Many were protesting against her. In fact, then former President Cory Aquino, together with some CBCP members were calling for GMA to step down and honor the people’s clamor. Yes, CBCP with former President Aquino were together and bidding GMA’s step down.

Then GMA staged a checkmate with the priests. She bargained NOT to touch, and possibly kill any moves on POPULATION CONTROL (RH Bill) as well as Mining (where many diocese are major stockholders). Vatican then called the Filipino priests to remain neutral, and insisted that bishops distinguish between pastoral care and political involvement.

So the bishops no longer pursued the call for GMA’s resignation from office. Then what happened next? Bishops already started to ask favors from her. Of course, you now remember the scandal involving some bishops directly asking the president for vehicles as birthday gift. That PCSO intelligence fund being siphoned for purposes other than charity that eventually led to plunder case.

Now that GMA is out on bail, she vowed to vote against the reproductive health bill. Recently, she got readmitted due to some choking incident. She was advised complete bed rest. But come Tuesday when the RHBill will be voted upon, I will not be surprised if she will again insist to be discharged against medical advise and report to congress, earn media mileage and champion all those who are rallying against the bill’s passage. Voila, those of you who were calling for her resignation before, will now be swayed to shift side with her. 

Wait… can someone find out had there been negotiations between the camps of GMA and the bishops before this rally?



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