Inspiration Amidst Tragedies

06 Oct

She is a fierce, strong woman. She may come off intimidating, especially at work, but she just means business and patient’s convenience and comfort; nothing personal. She is respected by her colleagues as she is a no non-sense persona. Yet behind this demeanor is a great story… a story of pain… a story of survival… a story of inspiration.

I did not ask permission from her to write this story but as a tribute to her, I am still writing this to share and inspire others out there who are on the brink of losing hope…

She was married (yes, WAS…), had 3 kids (again, yes, HAD). Her husband was diagnosed to have a rare form of diabetes apparently, which unfortunately was passed on to her two sons as well, at an early age.

Few years ago, husband died from complications of his diabetes. That was painful enough. Who would she be with as she goes on through life? But wait… few months after the husband’s death, one of the son died as well, seems from the same problem as the father did…

As I have read from someone before, one of the hardest pain one experiences in life is to bury one’s own child. She wasn’t over mourning the loss of her husband and yet her son immediately followed. What pain could be worse than that?

But just as when she was able to move on, tragedy struck her after another. Her next son became ill. It was an agonizing scene… and despite expert intervention by everyone, he succumbed and died. I know she hasn’t completely healed with her previous loss, and still, this happened.

Just as you thought it was over…

Few months after the son was buried, and while still mourning, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yes, the pain at its worse/worst. Luckily though, it was stage 1. She underwent chemotherapy and seems to be in complete remission. I hope it will not recur. She has gone through a lot for recurrence now.

Being diagnosed with cancer is already devastating. The cancer in itself as well is very painful, and the pain is so severe no words would be able to describe it. But she collected these pains up her shoulder and shrugged them off. Aside from these pain and melancholy brought about by cancer, she had other reasons to be depressed, enough to commit suicide. But she didn’t yield.

Her struggle through all these is what I find truly inspiring. While others boast of problems upon problems, here is a woman who endured the worst kind of pain I could ever think of. She didn’t give up. She fought through, coped up and shook off and kept moving on with her life. She didn’t let one tragedy pull her down, despair as if her life no longer matters. She endured. She is my model for strenght, resilience, hope and optimism.

If you think your breast cancer is the worst news you ever had in your entire life, read this story and be reminded that someone else had worse struggles than you did or is having right now.

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One response to “Inspiration Amidst Tragedies

  1. teri

    October 9, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    What a remarkable woman. Truly an inspiration.


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