How My 2012 Went

30 Dec

Every network seems to be doing their top stories for the past year. Though I myself am not in the media, I also have something to share…

During the first quarter, I was finally able to buy my first ever car, from my own blood and sweat. It was a white Mitsubishi ASX GLS Sports Edition. I named him Polgas. After two weeks of supervised driving, I was brave enough to drive by myself.

This year also marked my fifth year of private practice as pediatrician and neonatologist. Yes, Happy 5th Anniversary to me.

When I and a friend-colleague joined the PPS Latin Dancesport Competition, we again took the first place (for the 2nd time).

I was able to finish paying for my vacation club resort. Now I can book for free accommodations, 7 days a year, for 30 years.

Instead of paying my friend who taught me how to drive, I instead booked a trip to Boracay, with another friend, as he hasn’t been there yet. It was also an advance birthday treat to him.

I was being intrigued, having been topics at executive committee meetings, labeled as unethical and what have you. This made me withdrew from their circle and associated more with my nonmedical friends.

My Polgas got hit and the assailant ran away. I brought him to the service center but as of this time repair has not even started. Some issues between the insurance company and the service center. One good news I received though, the materials for repair have been ordered already. As my worked has been jeopardized, I had to buy another economic car (on a car loan, just like Polgas), I named him Bogart (in memory of my lost cat).

I was able to finish paying my downpayment for a condo unit I planned to rent out for students. Then I got another unit from a different developer, for my own use. Im still paying slowly the downpayment. Good thing the owner agreed to my payment scheme proposal.

I was reclassified from Diplomate to a Fellow status in the Phil Pediatric Society. Unfortunately though, I got late during the induction ceremonies (due to terrible Manila traffic) and thus will be inducted instead on April 2013.

I got to meet a lot of friends whom I used to interact with through twitter. I got followed by famous media personalities, news anchors, showbiz celebrities, columnists, legislators, senator, government officials, and fellow brilliant citizens who run the same advocacies as mine.

Well, the highlight or the top story of course was my untimely death and revival, happening at the last month of the year, during the feast of Immaculate Conception. I am considering of calling myself something else… Cong Mark Cojuangco said Kulas, short of Immaculate. 🙂

Oh, and while I was fighting for my survival, some idiot labelled me as abortionist (no 7), even cursing, telling me it will be a miracle if I will be able read his tweet. Well I did survive, read his tweet and got back to him.

I missed the pro-RH victory party though as I am on house arrest for the time being.

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