11 Jan

How do you fight your battle/s? I ask this question because I got confused with the way how I was fought by those who considered me their foe, enemy. When your foe has fallen, unable to stand, unable to defend himself, too weak, do you keep on attacking… until he dies? Or do you wait for him to stand, regain himself and stance before you resume fighting?

At my weakest time, someone who calls himself @concernedantiRH labelled me as abortionist, simply for supporting the reproductive health bill. Being labelled was nothing to me. Actually I was put into the same league with other respected individuals, who were also labelled abortionists for the same reason. There were 73 of us abortionist. But like I said, it was nothing for me. What I found foul and unfair was the tweet where @concernedantiRH said, “miracle na lang kung mababasa niya itong tweet na to.” He meant it will be a miracle if I will be able to read this tweet, because he knew I was on my death bed. Indeed it will be a miracle if I will live, and more than a miracle if my brain fuctions will be intact for me to (1)be able to read, (2) understand and (3) reply back to that tweet. Yes, this @concernedantiRH didn’t mind what was my state of health for him/her/it to attack me. I realized he was rejoicing at my fatality.

When I was already home and recuperating at home, my colleagues from the hospital where I trained held a private christmas party. Usually all of us graduates and those currently in training attend. I was not able to attend this year for obvious reason — I was too weak to travel let alone attend a party. There, I was the talk of the group as if I were an obnoxious illness worth eradicating. My stand on reproductive health bill and other national issues was condemned, the persons I hook-up with, my personal life were the topic for discussion — including the number of hours I spend going online, my lovelife, my conversation with my boyfriend… while I was lying in bed trying to gain strength, defenseless; innocent that I was being talked about.

I dont know if there were instances in my past life that I did the same, attacking some defenseless individual, schadenfreude-ing from their downfall. If I did, well, this is not a gentlemanly character at all I realize. Even if you emerge victorious from that fight, your victory will never be glorified, EVER. Just as how we condemn the Spaniards who shot our national hero Jose P. Rizal…, shot defenselessly from the back. In most duels that I watched, both are standing, on equal footing before the trigger is pulled. In the boxing ring, the referee will commence the fight if the knocked out opponent is able to stand up, fight withheld if the other is unable.

Now let me ask you, how do you fight your battle?

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