Why Gringo Cannot Earn My Vote

15 Feb

Campaign period for the 2013 elections has officially began and as many people say it, “the circus has officially started.” It is that time when politicians will do anything, even the silliest things just to court support and votes for their candidacy. In addition to the usual singing with their toad-voice, dancing which you dont know if it is really a dance step or another fit of their arthritis attack, this time, some of the candidates have now gained access to social media. Some of them just opened an account only during this time, some had been idle but became active again after filing their certificate of candidacy. And as an advantage of being in social media, these candidates now tend to engage to the citizenry, not the thing you have seen during the past elections. Before, the most interaction they will extend to their would-be voters will just be a handshake or a photo op but never an intimate exchange of ideas.

At the official first day of campaign period the team UNA had their launch at Cebu province, where months ago the UNA leaders also visited and instructed the suspended governor to defy Ombudsman order. While reading tweets from a social media network covering their campaign, I came across a tweet where it quoted Sen. gringo Honasan saying “buhay, bahay at kuryente. Naranasan nyo ba yan sa Daang Matuwid?” Team UNA has their Daang Maganda but I dont know why instead of promoting their slogan, they kept on attacking Daang Matuwid. Curiosity couldnt keep my fingers still so I had to ask the senator why did he blame the government for the non-availability of such basic human services. Sen Honasan is seeking reelection, this means he served for 6 years already as a senator. Daang Matuwid only came to the picture after he was able to serve 3 years in the senate. Three years could have been enough for him to stage a good foundation for a measure that will provide such services to the needy, and yet he never accomplished it. And he had another three years whilst under the Daang Matuwid administration. Six wasted years, and now he blames the current administration. I asked him, “you were already a senator. Why did you not create a bill for electrification and now bash the Daang Matuwid for it?”


To which, after perhaps their sortie, he replied saying “Hi Clinton, I understand your concern but I am not the chair of the energy committee. If you have suggestions I can refer you.”


And he just engaged me. I asked him back: “Curious, @gringo_honasan, do you have to be a chair of a committee before you can have a bill passed?” I asked this innocently because I am not aware if there is such protocol in the senate.


He replied back and said that “we once tried to push for a long term energy development plan once when I was chair after ferdinand marcos plan expired.”


Then I said in reply that “you had another chance of course to push through with it last term. So I dont see the point why you have to reflect it vs PNoy admin.”

In response, Sen Gringo said “now there is a vacuum and govt did not push it and it took the senate almost a year to track the revenues of malampaya proj.”


Well, quite disappointed with his answer, I retorted back “are you making me understand that senate always need govt push for measures to be enacted?”


I dont know if he answered my question with this tweet “The senate is a collegial body and yes it does take time. my suggestion to you as a stakeholder is to join us in providing solutions. If you would like to pass a concept paper or have any briefs please give our offices a call I just posted the TL.”



He was asking us a solution that we can think of, when what I wanted to know is if senate requires always the government to push them to act on a measure. It makes me wonder too, did the government push for them to vote on the division of Camarines Sur, even way before the votation on reproductive health bill? Well, he didnt win my full trust so in my mind I declined to give him any idea. Well I really dont have one at that point in time. So I said “sir, that is not the point of the argument. Passing onto us what we (I meant you) should do when you said you started something but govt held it vacuum and did not push it. Now you are using it to attack admin for your campaign. You had a chance last term to act on it. Energy is a priority measure in times of global warming as we are running out of resources. This was my contention.”




I really wasn’t contented with his answer and thus I asked him back, “sir, you started the bill, cant you push it just how like Sen Pia pushed for RH Bill? Why blame committee” I asked him this because he belonged to the majority block in the senate (or am I mistaken?). Reasoning out that Malampaya project took a year to be investigated and thus he was not able push his bill? He may not be the chair of the Committee on Energy but adamant and passionate he is with his bill will make him work hard for it to be passed if not queued with other priority measures.


I do appreciate how relevant measures about energy is especially nowadays that overpopulation is consuming our resources, there is the effect of global warming that we are helpless of. Thus I told him that “the measure you are proposing is more relevant to the countryside than the division of Camarines Sur as a province yet you were voting or about to vote on it already. Does this mean we have a disorderly prioritization w/c bill to pass at the senate?



Of course there would be denial on his part. He thus said “no we dont but if you look closely the RH bill took years to pass as well and this process is a marathon.”


Well, he can deny it but from a civilain’s point of view, I strongly believed that in the last congress, there was wrong prioritization on which bill to pass. Why would you prioritize the division of a province over a measure that will be highly beneficial to the indigents, particularly women and children? Surely, with the creation of another province, there will be a other district and another PDAF to be allocated. And that is more urgent than the reproductive health bill? Energy measures are more relevant to us now than division of a province.

I replied saying “just because #rhbill took 16 yrs to pass, you’re not in a hurry to have energy measures enacted, wait for same time too sir?”


And then finally I asked him “does that also mean if it will take years for energy measures to pass, you’ll keep on running as senator till it passes?


He is a reelectionist. He was a former senator. He had the chance to pursue his bill if only he worked hard for it. Other matters went through and thus he was not able to push for its passage. I am ignorant about actual senate proceedings so I may be wrong. What I cant accept is his being unable to accomplish his own project is now being used to attack the government as if being able to discredit the government would erase his inefficiency.

No Mr Senator, your reasoning was poor and poorly phrased and you were not able to convince me why you should attack the government, when just a sheer determination will catapult you to your goal achievement despite the vacuum you said this government created. You were ahead than the Daang Matuwid for three years!

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