Teddy Casiño, Anti-Epal

26 Feb

INQUIRER ARTICLE – September 13, 2012:

Casiño wants clear definition of ‘epal’

Months ago, as a party-list representative for Bayan Muna, Teddy Casiño authored a bill termed “Anti-Epal Bill.” From the Inquirer article published on September 13, 2012, “Casiño’s bill in the House disallows the naming of streets, classrooms, gymnasiums, parks, other public places, and government projects or programs after an incumbent government official or their relatives, he said in an interview over Radyo Inquirer…”

“[Politicians] should not take credit because it’s not their money. It’s the country’s money. It should also not be allowed to perpetuate the power of a political dynasty,” Casiño said… I agree with him here, 100%. Since it is the taxpayers money being used in government projects, no public officials should claim the projects as their own and let us taxpayers feel indebted to them, that if were not for them, such infrastructures and the like have materialized.



Furthermore in the article, “For the public however, their definition of “epal” was wider in scope. Government officials who put up any tarpaulin, like greetings during fiestas or other occasions, are also labelled as “epal,” Casiño added. “The important thing is for us to clearly define legally what ‘epal is’” he said.

He said that, generally, people view “epal” as government officials who try to get credit for public projects and becomes more popular people.


Teddy Casiño and Victory Bus Endorsement

Several months ago, when I went to Manila, I noticed that there was a bus with his picture at the back of the bus, as if endorsing the bus lines. I did not take a picture as I was not ready with a camera. But luckily, while I was searching google for possible “epal” photos, I came across this.


(Photo courtesy of

I asked him what his comment on this as I remember him to be an anti-”epal.” He told me that he does not belong to a party and he needed funds for his senatorial bid that’s why he did this endorsement as a fund raiser. So according to his statement, it was not an act of “epal”-ism. Why? Because according to his definition of “epal” it should contain misrepresentation and use of public fund for something an official claims to be his own. So, advertising for him is not an act of “epal.”

Teddy Casiño and the Feast of the Black Nazarene 2013

I haven’t witnessed this celebration myself as I live far from Manila but social media has a way of disclosing misbehaviors of our fellowmen.

When the feast of the Black Nazarene came on January 9, 2013, one of the thing that was conspicuous was a tarpaulin bearing his picture and name, greeting the devotees. When tweeps were reacting to it and reaching for his comment, he finally replied through twitter that it was set up by his supporters, that they were the one who did it by themselves. And that the latter were already instructed to take it down.

There are rules about campaigning and elections. I strongly believe that all supporters ought to be oriented about these rules, abide by it. Small acts of supporters, whether good or bad reflect back to the candidate/s himself/themselves. And this stance they did at Quiapo didn’t escape the vigilant eyes of the citizenry. For me, this was done with the thought that “baka makalusot. Pag nakita at may nagreact, tanggalin. Pag wala nagreact, hayaan nating nakasabit para makita ng mga tao ang pagbati ni Teddy Casiño.” But then, after his attention was called, he washed his hands and put the blame to his supporters. The incident happened in Manila, place where he can reach out to his supporters and orient them on how to go on with the campaign. Had the incident happend in Batanes where there might be delay of communication, I would understand that he could have not oriented his supporters there as he has no political party of his own. But this happening in Manila, and he being anti-epal? Such a lame excuse.

When this issue as well sprung up, a follower of mine in tweeter also said that Teddy Casiño has several large posters in Iloilo greeting tourists and locals as Dinagyang Festival was about to approach. When we asked him about that, he just said he planned to visit the place and he has several relatives in Iloilo. So, again, that was not at act of “epal”-ism, according to him.

Teddy Casiño and Cabanatuan

I am not from Cabanatuan and I havent witnessed this next tarpaulin, but I have come across this through google as well.

Teddy Casiño and Colette’s Buko Pie

 One day, a twitter friend @pawiesharpei came from Laguna and bought buko pie from a known outlet, she was disappointed by what she saw in the package of the sweet treat. This picture has been circulating for a while and when I had time, I asked Mr Casiño how does he respond to this, if this stances is not against his being an anti-”epal.” Luckily I was able to screep cap our communication via twitter and this is how it went:
ImageImageImageAfter my last question, he did not reply anymore, I was disappointed.
I also sent the same photo to @ChairBrillantes and asked him if what Mr Casiño is doing, endorsing SME is legal in accordance with the rules regarding election and campaigning. The busy chairman of the COMELEC has not replied to my query yet as of this posting.
This is the 2nd time I am posting this blog as the first post was taken down. If his supporters will again delete my blog, mind you, the more you kindled the fire in me to keep on blogging about this daily until the election day. I will not stop educating my followers and friends of what you are doing. I am not mud slinging you. I am just narrating what I have observed of your own doing.

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8 responses to “Teddy Casiño, Anti-Epal

  1. clovis

    March 5, 2013 at 2:08 am

    Teddy epal bag!

    • drclintonb

      March 5, 2013 at 10:59 am

      thank you for this. 🙂

      • clovis

        March 5, 2013 at 1:55 pm

        My pleasure ^_^

  2. puretuts

    March 15, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    Thanks for this.
    Here in CDO we also experience the “style” of Teddy Casino.
    His group highjack the solemn TS Sendong Commemoration. The commemoration became a rally for Teddy Casino and Bayan Muna. Teddy Casino even sent a video message campaigning for senate seat even if it was not yet campaign period. I was a political rally parang mini proclamation rally until 1am of December 17. I tweeted this to him. He denied that he was campaigning. He said he was just informing his advocacy for disaster preparedness.

    • drclintonb

      March 15, 2013 at 6:46 pm

      Sayang that will not count as election violation. But indeed a contradiction of his anti-epal bill.

  3. Rad

    March 22, 2013 at 3:05 am

    It would be a good time to ask Casino on his thoughts of the PUP students burning public property. We all know what he would say. The same lines he use to justify the NPA. But it would reveal a lot nonetheless


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