Thumbs Down: JV Estrada and Mitos Magsaysay

12 Mar

My criteria for determining whom to vote for in the senate are: 1. principles, 2. conviction, 3. support for women’s right, very particularly RH Bill, 4. support for equality, ie, LGBT rights.



He hopes to be judged for who he is. He wants to be voted on for who he is. He wanted initially to be known as an EJERCITO, not as ESTRADA. Despite advice from his father he insisted to be known by himself. But when he saw that he had a better chance when he uses the name Estrada instead, “the hell with principle! (my own)” He ditched
Ejercito and rode on with the “bandwagon of name recall assures victory heck.”

(This was also discussed during his guesting stint in Karen Davila’s Headstart on ANC.) (Reference:

During the heated debate on and passage of RH Bill, he voted no. I thought it was his own decision to vote for no, most importantly, it was the sentiments of his district that he represents. But then, he said, his father, the former president Erap Estrada is a supporter of the bill, but his mother is a rabid anti. He didn’t want to burn bridges with his mother and since the bill will win anyway without his additional vote, he voted NO. So, who is the person/people he represents as a congressman, his constituents? or his mother? Had he consulted his district what they think is best for them, as their REPRESENTATIVE?

I do not contest the fact that JV has vast achievements and awards. That’s commendable of a public servant. But as a voter too, what I cannot accept is the fact that he thinks of his “own” safety, of what’s advantageous/beneficial for him, sans the welfare of his constituents, sans his conviction. What if in the course of his term as a senator, and a controversial bill gets voted on, (eg, divorce) what if he is pro-divorce, but his mother is anti-divorce? So he will instead vote against divorce to appease his mother, and not the majority of Filipino wives who have been subjected to different abuses but cannot escape and afford annulment because of it’s tedious process and cost?

For a public servant, I always look for palabra de honor, delicadeza, strong will, principle. These I failed to see in him. Thus despite his many achievements, he can’t convince me to vote for him.

The hell with principles and conviction. (tosses papers on air!)



Months ago, when asked if she is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo apologist, she denied it. She said, they only see each other during sessions in congress but they are not close. Really now?

What is this?

GMA appointed Jesus Vicente “Jobo” Magsaysay, then 23 years old as SBMA director. Then Sen. Dick Gordon and Zambales Gov. Amor Deloso protested as he has never held a job prior to this appointment. Jobo quickly denied the allegation as he first worked as a political officer in the congressional office of his MOTHER, Mitos Magsaysay. (just like Nancy Binay, eh?) Besides this allegation, Gordon also said on Dec 15 that RA 7227, the Bases Conversion Law that created SBMA, was not followed in Magsaysay’s appointment.

If GMA and Mitos Magsaysay were NOT allies, then how the hell on earth would Jobo be appointed at such a young age, without necessary experience, to be a DIRECTOR? Had draw lots been the basis of appointment that time and out of millions of names, it was Jobo’s name picked by GMA?

She always claim in her credentials that she has been awarded as Emeritus Most Outstanding Congresswoman. During who’s presidency? Well, no less that GMA again. She has a lot to thank GMA for from that closeness, but when GMA was in custody and was asked if she is an apologist, she distanced herself saying she only sees her during sessions in the congress. Oh, what a great friend she makes! Worth-keeping indeed.

(full story here:

She calls herself a champion of the Magna Carta Law for women, according to the tweet of @jonasbagas. Then @jeffcrisostomo checked the if indeed it is true. Fortunately or unfortunately, Mitos Magsaysay was not a co-author nor was she ever mentioned. Well, maybe, you don’t have to be a co-author to be a champion of one advocacy then huh? But she was a congresswoman at the time this was passed in the congress (or am I wrong?).

According to her as well, the Magna Carta for Women was sufficient enough to address the reproductive health needs of the woman, thus the reason why she voted against it.

In our argument before, she said that instead of budget for contraceptives, the money should be rather used to build more schools, diverted to education. In some points, I agree. In reply, I said, the government cannot go on building schools. Besides, there’s no more available land to build schools as our population is expanding. The population density is already too much that we are already interfering even to agricultural and forest lands just have a place to live on. Rice fields are being converted into subdivisions (by Manny Villar, etc.). Climate change is a real threat and with such heavy population, the government cannot sustain much. The taxpayers’ money cannot always be used for dole outs. There comes a point when budget should be shifted to something else, such as security and intelligence, research and development, science and technology. She didn’t answer me. Then unknowingly, she blocked me in her twitter account.

When after voting for RH interpellations to be terminated, a storm visited the country. This was her tweet:


Definitely, netizens reacted to such tweet.


Of course, she denied that her tweet was pertaining to the rains as a wrath of God for having terminated the interpellation of the bill, and have it put to a vote.


Her platform says “libreng pagamutan para healthy kayo.” Isn’t there already a functional government health centers where people can avail of free health services? Even before she decided to run, these are already in the running. Of course, there are areas not reached by such services but she cannot make this her platform, which is already existing.

“Scholarship sa kolehiyo, at skills training, para magkatrabaho kayo.” Hello TESDA? In short, her propaganda or platform is nothing new, it’s not unique, and all she is saying is just pure bull shit.

“Kung gusto niyo ng taong palaban at di natatakot banggain kahit sino, iboto nyo ako.” Is she insane? The senate is a place to create laws that will uphold the welfare of the citizens, not some arena where one will fight against each other. Of course there will be discourse and arguments but it is not a sports tournament. Well, well, well, Mitos, your negativistic aura and quips are not helping you. Look at the survey if you don’t even dare to believe me. I suggest she rather change her tagline as “Ang Senadorang Askal.” Suits her well.

How epal is Mitos? Just see them yourselves…



And even her son, who is gunning for a congressional seat in her behalf sort of inherited her epal-ness.


The NFA label on rice packages were changed to JOBO Rice. When asked is it right for such act to be done, her reply was…


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9 responses to “Thumbs Down: JV Estrada and Mitos Magsaysay

  1. Chloe Evangelista

    March 12, 2013 at 4:00 am

    TOYM Awardee, Legislator, Local Chief Executive, Youth Advocate. Platform includes Quality Education, Job Generation, Workers Protection and Mindanao priority programs and funds.. with these accomplishments and track record.. Rep. JV EJERCITO ESTRADA, two thumbs up for me 🙂

    • drclintonb

      March 12, 2013 at 4:40 am

      it is a matter of perspective. i have my criteria why I dont want him. likewise you have yours. I am not convincing you to vote for my candidates, so I guess you need not convince me as well who I SHOULD vote for. Agree?

  2. samantha uy

    March 12, 2013 at 4:15 am

    If you valued your vote, please do vote for JV EJERCITO ESTRADA 🙂

    • drclintonb

      March 12, 2013 at 4:41 am

      this is my own preference. you have your own. i dont convince you to vote for my choices so i guess you should not convince me as well who I SHOULD vote for. right?
      my blog, my point of view. you dont like it, i dont mind. but dont you ever dare dictate to me what my choices should be.

  3. Anne Thok

    March 12, 2013 at 11:42 am

    my opinion,., 🙂

    i agree its a two thumbs down for Mitos Magsaysay.,,. i really dont like this girl,.but JV Ejercito, for me i will give thumbs up for him..i visit his website “” and its true.. his achievements, his record of service, some awards especially his platforms and advocacies, for me it all fit in to be a senator.. HINDI LANG PURO SALITA, NASA GAWA.. 🙂


    • drclintonb

      March 12, 2013 at 1:09 pm

      I do not contest his achievements. My point with JV is, je compromises his principles just to avoid having conflict with his mom or dad, at the expense of his constituents. His manner of voting on RH Bill has shown this. His father was a pro. His mother was an anti. He wanted to vote YES, but since he doesnt want to burn bridges with her mom, he had to vote NO, anyway he said and knew that YES will win. What kind of a leader is that?

      Again, at the start of the campaign, he wanted to go by Ejercito. That was A-OK for me. I lauded him for that. But when he saw that he had better of chances in winning by the name, again, he compromised his first conviction and used Estrada for a better chance of winning.

      Whats wrong with JV why I dont’t support him? He thinks only of his “own safety” never mind his constituents. And that I do not like in him.

      I like a leader, a government official who goes by the phrases delikadeza, palabra de honor, principled. If you dont see or understand my point, I will not blame you, but this is my reason why even with his vast accomplishments he has, he is still a NO for me.

  4. Shiela

    March 17, 2013 at 1:26 am

    I like Mitos coz she speaks up for the weak, she has been our strenght.
    The rice is commercial rice NOT nfa rice. The quality of jobo rice is like thai jasmine rice …. Are you mad coz the poor can taste what the rich r eating?
    Whats wrong with the name on the van? Its her van anyway, private property.
    Jobo was selected director because he was qualified…. Over qualified.
    Mitos has been protecting the poor against d rich and d opresors

    DocClinton, why so unfair to Mitos? Maybe you are one of the rich, bad fat egg she has step on? Mayb you u r 1 of the corupt govt oficial? Are you arrogant and spoiled brat? Hahahaha

    • drclintonb

      March 17, 2013 at 1:31 am

      Why dont you write your own blog about her and praise her all you want instead of contradicting mine?

      Have you heard about freedom of expression?

    • drclintonb

      March 17, 2013 at 1:34 am

      Go ahead, blog about her, and surely I will not even bother to come across it.


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