LP vs UNA, Bam Aquino

14 Mar

Yesterday, Headstart on ANC hosted by Karen Davila had the campaign managers of the leading political parties for the senatorial elections as hosts. They were Toby Tiangco for TeamUNA and Erin Tañada for TeamPNoy. I was not able to watch the show as my cable subscription do not have it, but reading through my timeline, here is what I got from some of my friends.

Team UNA vs Team PNoy

In observation of how the two campaign managers conduct themselves in answering questions, this was what Ramon Carrion (@rzc235 on twitter) said:

Comparing the attitude and the facial expressions alone of both spokespersons, LP and UNA, this morning says it all! One is new politics the other is bringing back the old.

One is vicious in attacking candidates of the opposite side, while the other remained calm and focused on issues rather than personal attacks.


During the same interview, Bam Aquino, who was the biggest gainer in the last published SWS Survey done during the last week of February, Tiango has said a lot, including why he remained with the GMA administration despite knowing the latter is “corrupt.” On this issue, and it was my first time to know after a friend posted this in his facebook status:


(photo courtesy of

On HEADSTART this morning (going on as I write), UNA campaign manager really sounds like he’s clutching at straws as he tries to question Bam Aquino’s credentials. He cites Paul Aquino’s (Bam’s dad) being Gloria Arroyos campaign manager and Bam’s long standing service with the NYC. He then points to Bam’s near complicity in GMAs corruption by alluding that Bam, serving so long, should know if GMA was corrupt or not.

I suppose I’ll forgive Toby, not because hes a batch mate at Xavier, but more because he doesn’t know the facts about Bam’s stint and continuing stay in the National Youth Commission.

When the Hyatt 10 decided to leave the service of GMA (as they believed that she had cheated) Bam Aquino spoke to my mom, Vicky Garchitorena (Mrs. G), then head of the Presidential Management Staff if he should leave his post. Mrs. G, who was about to leave her position as well, told Bam that (and Im quoting from memory so I might be paraphrasing) “Bam if you can still serve and be effective in your position you should stay…”.

Now, You have to understand that the core Hyatt 10 left as they were being made INSTRUMENTS of the corruption, being so high in the bureaucratic hierarchy.

In my mom’s case, aside from having already told GMA that her (my mom’s) time in the govt would be limited to a year or so (our family couldnt afford TWO public servants in the family with my father being Presiding Justice of the Sandigan Bayan), also left (a little later) after the Hyatt 10 declaration.

So the question is, why a little later ,and why give Bam the option to stay.

This was actually the gigantic moral dilemma that plagued any person who was thinking to resign at the time. Do you stay and serve a cheating president if you can still be effective in your position. For many key players, they thought that their positions were so thoroughly compromised by the relationships GMA had made that they were going to become tools of GMA’s corruption.

As far as I can recall, the “ a little later” was due to the fact that even though certain cabinet secretaries had resigned from a moral perspective, each of them also STILL felt that certain ongoing projects could not be left hanging. So some left quickly (to avoid being a key part of the corruption) and some left a little later (as the could still be effective in their jobs).

Apparently taking this to heart as good advice Bam stayed in his position.

So that’s the answer (as far as I know) why Bam continued his stint at the NYC under the GMA regime.

And for Toby (sorry buddy) as Campaign Manager for UNA, to even use Bam’s long tenure as an indication of Bam’s complicity in GMA’s corruption is unfair and as close to character assassination as you can get.

Poor form.

I had not known this fact. Good thing I came across this status in my facebook timeline. At least for those of you reading this, that issue has now been rectified.

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One response to “LP vs UNA, Bam Aquino

  1. Jojo Castillo

    April 27, 2013 at 5:39 am

    Was just browsing through but I couldn’t help but comment. Bam’s “extended” stint during GMA’s time is the least of the Filipino people’s concern. He is a fine example of how political dynasties persist and prosper in the country. That issue cannot be rectified.


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