On Kris & James: Is Rina David Liable For Contempt?

22 Mar

I never thought I would do this blog but I decided to after I have come across one important issue that must not be disregarded, whether or not parties involved are celebrities.

Two days ago, Inquirer published an article, in what was described as a SCOOP, the article about Kris Aquino filing TPO for her son and other family members from her ex-husband James Yap. Apparently an incident inside Kris’ residence last December traumatized their son and mere sound of James voice agitates their son.


When the news reached the camp of Mr Yap, it was of course natural for him to defend himself but in doing so, he mentioned about PNoy’s reign being used by Kris to threaten him, emotional while he was narrating his side, on national tv. Yesterday, the lawyers of both camp held their respective press conferences and then finally, Kris went on national tv to air her side, followed by her decision to resign from show business.

And then the comments and reactions of the entire nation flooded the social media. I will not go on length on what were the exact comments, reactions, flaks spewed by haters, fans or supporters of either camp. It was sad though that some were quick to pass judgement when they have not understood the case, or at the least the chronology of how things transpired.

IF media, especially the Inquirer didn’t make a scoop of the TPO, then James wouldn’t have spoken on national tv. Without which, the lawyers wont be holding press conferences, and Kris wouldn’t have to go live on TV defending herself.

The reason of Kris filing the TPO was a form of violence against women. Filing of which should have been done initially at the barangay hall but it was done in Makati Trial Court. Whatever is contained in the petition should be kept confidential and should not be published in any form unless with the consent of the any of the victim or immediate family. This is contained in RA 9262 (Family Code: Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004), sec 44,


So I tried to ask @inquirerdotnet who published the news first if they violated the confidentiality clause of the AVAWCA but was not answered immediately.


So I just aired my frustration instead until I got a reply that they are still waiting reply from persons responsible about the article. Finally they replied.




IF indeed Rina David did NOT obtain a consent and went on publishing the article for a SCOOP, then she could be held liable for contempt for violating confidentiality as defined in the law.

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