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On Kris & James: Is Rina David Liable For Contempt?

I never thought I would do this blog but I decided to after I have come across one important issue that must not be disregarded, whether or not parties involved are celebrities.

Two days ago, Inquirer published an article, in what was described as a SCOOP, the article about Kris Aquino filing TPO for her son and other family members from her ex-husband James Yap. Apparently an incident inside Kris’ residence last December traumatized their son and mere sound of James voice agitates their son.


When the news reached the camp of Mr Yap, it was of course natural for him to defend himself but in doing so, he mentioned about PNoy’s reign being used by Kris to threaten him, emotional while he was narrating his side, on national tv. Yesterday, the lawyers of both camp held their respective press conferences and then finally, Kris went on national tv to air her side, followed by her decision to resign from show business.

And then the comments and reactions of the entire nation flooded the social media. I will not go on length on what were the exact comments, reactions, flaks spewed by haters, fans or supporters of either camp. It was sad though that some were quick to pass judgement when they have not understood the case, or at the least the chronology of how things transpired.

IF media, especially the Inquirer didn’t make a scoop of the TPO, then James wouldn’t have spoken on national tv. Without which, the lawyers wont be holding press conferences, and Kris wouldn’t have to go live on TV defending herself.

The reason of Kris filing the TPO was a form of violence against women. Filing of which should have been done initially at the barangay hall but it was done in Makati Trial Court. Whatever is contained in the petition should be kept confidential and should not be published in any form unless with the consent of the any of the victim or immediate family. This is contained in RA 9262 (Family Code: Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004), sec 44,


So I tried to ask @inquirerdotnet who published the news first if they violated the confidentiality clause of the AVAWCA but was not answered immediately.


So I just aired my frustration instead until I got a reply that they are still waiting reply from persons responsible about the article. Finally they replied.




IF indeed Rina David did NOT obtain a consent and went on publishing the article for a SCOOP, then she could be held liable for contempt for violating confidentiality as defined in the law.

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(photo courtesy of

(photo courtesy of

UN resident representative described the Philippines as the “worst performer” in Asia as far as achievement of Millenium Development Goals (MDG) are concerned. This, as far as lowering of child mortality, decreasing maternal morbidity and mortality as well as HIV prevention are concerned.

These three are included in the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Law that was already signed, implementing rules and regulations signed as well, but put on hold by the “status quo ante order” issued by the Supreme Court on March 19, 2013.

This law went through hurdles for about 16 years before being finally passed by the 15th Congress. It aims to empower people by making them a responsible parent. By this, it will allow parents to determine the number of their offspring they can responsibly have – those that they can feed, vaccinate, send to school and be a responsible citizens of the country. This can be achieved through sexuality education, which will be taught while the children are young, and employment of safe and acceptable contraceptive methods, depending on the couple’s choice, heightened HIV education and awareness especially to population at risk.

Recently, there was a scandal about an adolescent college student who claimed her life after, bottom line, cannot afford to pay her tuition. They are 4 siblings and yet the father cannot afford her tuition fee. And how does this relate to the RH Law? I am not saying the father is irresponsible. BUT, had he considered that he could only afford to rear one or two children, providing all their needs, then his daughter wouldn’t have suffered this problem at such a young and tender age. He could still have his brilliant daughter this very minute with him.

I am the eldest of 4 children. My parents used pills and condoms. We don’t own a house and we had been renting up to this date. When I was about to enter the school of medicine, the 4 of us were already simultaneously going to college. With my father’s income, he couldn’t afford to send us altogether. He talked to me that he cannot afford my tuition. If he would, my other siblings wont be able to enrol. I on the other hand has graduated from college already, so perhaps I could already work and save up for my tuition. I was heartbroken as my aspiration of being a physician was imperiled. I won’t be graduating with my batch mates. I felt it was so unfair for me. I was selfish as I didn’t want to trash my dreams to happen at the right time that I want it to, and without considering my other siblings’ welfare too. But my selfishness was my motivation and determination to find myself a scholarship that can fuel my ambition. My youngest sister as well was able to secure a scholarship for her. So basically, my father was only supporting two of my other siblings as far as tuition and miscellaneous fees are concerned. It was very very difficult time. Sometimes we have to make do with our meager allowance. But one thing I salute my parents for was that we were never delayed in paying our tuition. My parents didn’t want as much as possible for us to be delayed from graduating. They didn’t want as much as possible for us to be working scholars in order for us to afford college. As much as possible, they wanted to shoulder the entire burden of sending us to college as it is their obligation to do so. They believed it was was their duty and responsibility. My parents admitted that they won’t be able to give us land, house or any property for inheritance but our education that will help us build our own future. Now, if my parents who practiced family planning were still hard up to give us good and quality education, how much more for those who had not?

I am aware of that it will be a long time before the concrete effects of RH Law will be experienced by our fellowmen. But delaying it or even preventing it from being implemented, considering our country’s situation right now, is a violation of our rights to access to reproductive health care. We need an immediate tangible effect such as in the following case.

Small for Gestational Infant

A mother conceived, she was hypertensive even at the early stages of her pregnancy. After reaching 20 weeks, her blood pressure all the more shoot up. Even with medical care from a private obstetrician, still the blood pressure wasn’t adequately controlled. At 36 weeks, she came to the hospital in active labor. The baby’s heart beat was erratic and had to be delivered immediately, or else we will lose the baby.

The baby came out without spontaneous breath and crying, and the heart beat was very slow. He had to be resuscitated, a tube was inserted into his trachea to assist him breathing. He was small for his age of 36 weeks, with respect to his weight, length and head circumference (an indirect indicator of brain growth). This only means that the baby was chronically “undernourished” inside the mother’s uterus that’s why all of his anthropometric measurements were below normal.

Adequate blood glucose and oxygen supply from the placenta to the baby is necessary for optimum brain and body growth. Normal or good glucose level stimulates the production of more insulin-like growth factor 2, which is responsible for increasing the number of neurons and oligodendrocytes, and increasing the communications between neurons through dendrites and axon. An increased communication between these two parts of neurons leads to faster transmission of signals. Bottom line, intelligent kid. The opposite, “bobo.” I am not saying this is always the case but the risk, a very high risk at that, to being one is undeniably there.

So this baby already suffered an injury biochemically and physiologically inside the womb, even if he was born alive. So it’s true no mother died in this case. It’s true, no baby died in this case. But the impact of the chronic uncontrolled hypertension to the baby’s brain, IS permanent, and may be debilitating. This thing is still happening among our pregnant mothers, even if they are under the care of able obstetricians. But what about those who have no access to obstetricians? And mind you, this is just one aspect of issues surrounding a pregnant woman. There are more other pressing equally important concerns.

One anti-RH bill argues that there is no more need for RH law as there is already an existing Magna Carta Law for Women. Let me throw back the question to you. With the MCW in place, how come, we still have this high incidence of maternal morbidity and death? With the MCW in place, how come we are not achieving the millenium development goals? And what about HIV which is not included in the MCW, neonates? With the SQAO against implementation of the RH Law, aren’t we not endangering further our poor constituents? Is it right to issue this SQAO at this time?


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— Politics: Devil’s Game

Lucy Torres: “This strengthens my resolve to continue to fight, ganito talaga ang pulitika. Laro ng demonyo,”

Taning: hiyang hiya naman ako sa yo oy! Nananahimik ako dito, bakit na naman ako nadamay, porke nadethrone ka lang. E di ba champion ka?

— Collateral Damage

Magulang ni Heart Evangelista, pinakiusapan si Chiz, live on TV, na makipag cool-off sa anak.

Chiz Escudero: “Hindi ako showbiz indi ko pinagsasama at di ko pinaghahalo ang trabaho ko sa personal kong buhay at lalong hindi ko po pinapayagan na manghimasok ang personal kong buhay sa aking trabaho.”

Chiz Escudero, pinakiusapan ng mga Ongpauco na lubayan na si Heart Evangelista. Hiyang hiya naman kami sa standards nyo.

Halla! 28 na yang anak nyo, di pa ba nagme-mens at pinanghihimasukan ang love life? Pang-ilang relasyon na niya ang pinakialaman nyo? Mamaya, mag-faint ulit siya dahil sa makapal na usok. Charot!

— Award Winning

Eddie Garcia, hinirang na “People’s Choice Favorite Actor” (sa pelikulang Bwakaw) nitong nakaraang 7th Asian Film Awards sa Hongkong.

Samantala, si Nora Aunor naman ang nag-uwi ng Best Actress trophy para sa movie na Thy Womb.


— Ambush

Reliable source: Convoy of Jack Enrile in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley were fired at in Mawab, Davao Oriental | via @marizumali

Karamihan sa nagrereact, sinasabing peke ang ambush; like father, like son. (Me: Kawawa ka naman, di ka na pinaniniwalaan ng tao, kahit pa siguro totoo.)

Kris Files TPO vs James Yap

Kris Aquino, nagfile ng TPO laban kay James Yap dahil umano sa isidenteng nangyari sa bahay ni Kris noong Disyembre. Ayon sa reklamo ni Kris, umano ay gustong makatikim ng “human rights” aka “marital obligation” ni James kaso nabigo siya, dahilan na siya’y makapagbitaw ng mga salitang hindi katanggap-tanggap. Nakita raw ng kanilang anak ang pangyayaring ito at at pilit pinapaalis ang ama.

James Yap, pinabulaanan ang akusasyon ni Kris. Gusto lang daw niyang halikan siya ng bata bago umalis pero pag hindi niya ginawa, si Kris ang hahalikan niya. Noong umayaw si Bimby, saka niya nilapitan at tinangkang halikan si Bimby.

Chopsuey 2: Politics, Showbiz

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Unsolicited Thoughts: Teenage Suicide

Unsolicited Thought: Teenage Suicide


(photo courtesy of

There were issues in the past few weeks that have passed that I dared not touch as they were sensitive issues to ordinarily discuss. But finally I am giving in to that great internal urge to write a few on some of them.


Much have been said about the teenage female college student who committed suicide when allegedly she was being asked to take a leave of absence, for failing to pay a debt of about 10,000 before she could take her finals exam this semester. Many of the statements that has come out of our “judgement-whores” are finger pointing, who is to blame why the students had to end her life. That is just unfortunate. While many are quick to blame the student herself, the school, the education system and even the president, one thing they dared NOT do was to UNDERSTAND the victim herself.

I for one do not know her well, thus my silence in the past. But based on the limited knowledge of her, this is the only thing I can share. She was 16 years of age, an adolescent. Adolescent age itself is a very complex stage of one’s life. It may be described as a transition from childhood to adulthood. It is the age when physiologically, sex hormones start to be released in surges, making the adolescent act erratically. Emotions are at their peak, parent-conflict(s) ensue(s), school problem identity crisis/gender disorientation may take place, role confusion starts. Parental-child conflicts occur as the child learns to be more independent while the parents wary of not letting their child to be; peer and external influence are very significant. Hormonal surges, unresolved internal conflicts and just trigger from a minor problem may add up and lead the teenager to commit suicide especially when red flag signs have not been detected and the child left alone unguided.

Why was it so easy for these “judgmental whores” to identify who was at fault in that particular suicide? What conflict was that child having internally? None of those “judgmental whores” even knew or cared to explore, and yet were quick to pinpoint who was at fault. Was it right and proper to identify the victim as the sole “at fault” and judge her according to our viewpoints, the school, the education system, the president? It may be true that there are some factors from these but more has to be understood first.

We all do not stand on the same ground. While some of us may have resolved our conflicts with the guidance from our good choice of peers, our understanding parents or accommodating and comfortable homes, not everyone of us share that same environment. What is true in us is not necessarily the same environment every teenager in this country is faced with. It is easy for one to say “during my time, when faced with hard times, we had other options, but never entertained the idea of suicide.” But were we having the same hormonal disturbance as the child has?

We do not share the SAME level of threshold. Given the same level of challenges we face, some may take it lightly, some may take it very hard and some may end up their life. This idiosyncracy therefore make us behave differently against the same challenge or problem. Several three year old kids were placed in a room with marshmallow on a plate. They were instructed not to eat it. But did they all comply? No. Some were not able to resist the temptation and took one for themselves, while were able to follow the instructions to the letter. Emotional quotient, that what was tested in this simple experiment, is not the same for all individuals.

If a family however do not allot sufficient time to their teenage children, listen to them, ask how they are doing at school, as they have other pressing duties and obligations to do, this leads the adolescent to listen more to their peers and external environment. Such is the problem being faced by adolescents whose parents  are abroad working, and is left to the care of lone parent or grandparents, who also have other matters at hand. We’ve heard of teenage delinquents, early pregnancies, intake of drugs and other risk behaviors as an offshoot of this scenario.

What should have been more important was that, red flag signs should have been detected by parents, friends or teachers. These signs should have been resolved earlier on. The teenager should have been guided well such that not a minor problem would have triggered this unfortunate incident.

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BCWMH: A Family Picture

(photo courtesy of

(photo courtesy of

I am an avid watcher of the teleserye “Be Careful With My Heart.” Not only does it have entertainment value, it also highlight several positive virtues we rarely see or that are fading amongst Filipino families.

It’s supposed to be the story of a poor lass from the province, Maya dela Rosa, who initially planned to go abroad to help the family financially after her elder sister met an accident and their house is being foreclosed due to huge debt. Unfortunately she fell prey to an illegal recruiter and thus was unable to leave the country. She found herself job-hopping until by accident she came across Mr Richard Lim, a widower with three children, and the proprietor of Lim Aviation. She worked as a nanny in exchange for a scholarship so she could pursue her dream of being a flight attendant.

The title by itself gives the viewer the idea that this show is about a blossoming intimacy between Mr Lim and Maya, a widower and an innocent lass who never had a relationship beforehand. I thought this was adapted from the show The Nanny where the plot was quite similar. There are several subplots, yet the subplots have their own unique story to tell, moral values to share, life experiences to teach, all of which are equally entertaining and socially relevant.

One particular subplot that got me to blog about the show was the responsibility of Mr Lim aka “Ser Chief” as a father to his three children, performing such herculean task alone as his wife died prematurely, and his kids already growing up, (now on their adolescent age, except the youngest). The tv show clearly emphasizes the importance of open communication between the father and his kids. Despite being a single parent with a large company to manage, he never forgets his duty as their father and takes time to listen and address the concerns of each of his children. Sometimes, even to the extent of canceling his appointments in order to attend to his kid’s needs at those precious times.

When Luke Andrew, his eldest, formally tied a relationship with his chum Joey after being crowned Prom King and Queen, Luke disclosed everything to his father about it. He understood his son, as he too had his first girlfriend at the same age. Luke every now and then occasionally ask tips from his father or his younger sibling Nikki Grace how to appease Joey. After informing his father, Luke was planning to formally inform also Joey’s strict mother, Grace, about their relationship, but was daunted. He was then planning a way of notifying in the soonest time, while he is gathering his courage to do so. Joey however shared his relationship status with a cousin, who later posted about it in his Facebook account. Joey’s mother, Grace, discovered about the relationship and got mad. Joey then told Luke about their problem. Luke was already decided to go to Grace on the following day to formally introduce himself as Joey’s boyfriend, to talk to her and explain that he did not intentionally want to hide about his and Joey’s relationship. However, Joey and Grace were already on the way to the Lim’s residence to talk. Ser Chief, who was supposed to be on a date with Maya, had to cancel in order to support his son. Ser Chief, Luke, Grace and Joey finally settled things, the young lovers promising to still be on focus with their studies and not do anything stupid that will destroy the trust of their parents.

This was such a beautiful episode for me and I commend the script writers for incorporating this segment. It emphasizes the big role of parents still during the adolescent age of their kids, guide them especially on tasks that may seem too much of a burden, in order to avoid mishaps in their kid’s lives. While the teenager at this stage struggle to be more independent, the parents role should not be reduced. Though not controlling, parents should be willing to listen, and give sound advices as teenagers have yet to learn so much of life. The beauty of this episode also shows that being a single parent is not an excuse for not properly guiding your own kids if you indeed value your family and want your kids to grow as responsible ones. I earlier on tweeted that it was unfortunate that many working parents and studying teenagers were not able to watch it as the show is pitted on a midday time slot. It would have been a good teaching experience, an eye opener for both parents and teenagers in order to avoid conflicts between them.

In the Philippines in this times, because parents had to make ends meet to be able to provide for the needs of the family, many of the families have either one or both absentee parent/s as he/they has/have to work abroad. The children are not left under the care of the parents’ siblings, or the children’s grandparents, who as well have other kids and family members to attend to. The adolescents’ concerns are not attended to fully, there are no parents to listen to their children’s problems. The parents use singleness as an excuse why they can’t focus on their children’s other needs and concerns, as long as their kids have food to eat, clothes to wear, gadgets to display. This is unfortunate as unguided adolescents may end up listening more to their peers than their parents. That adolescent is lucky if his peers’s influence is towards his own good. But if the peer is also on the exploration side, seeking dangerous thrills and doing risky behaviors, then that poses a very humongous problem.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid article


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Good News, Bad News

Good News: In love kaming dalawa.

Bad News: In love ako sa kanya, in love siya sa iba.

Good News: Sharon Cuneta, nanahimik sa social media after ng new year’s greetings niya.

Bad News: Wala na siyang TV show.

Good News: Kaanib ng LGTB is Risa Hontiveros. “Wag mashokot, maki-warla!”

Bad News: Kumanta sila ni PNoy sa kanyang TV ad.

Good News: Cynthia Villar, nagsorry na sa mga nurses.

Bad News: Nasa top 12 pa rin siya.

Good News: Sabi ni Pope Francis: “do not condemn.”

Bad News: Nagkalat na ang Team Patay tarpaulins hanggang Baguio Cathedral.

Good News: Nancy Binay nag-alok ng dinner sa mga kasabayang Team PNoy na nangampanya sa Baguio.

Bad News: walang kumagat sa offer (baka di siya nakita).

Good News: bababa ang singil ng kuryente

Bad News: nek nek mo. Summer na. Mas malaki konsumo mo ng kuryente sa electric fan at air conditioner.

Good News: KC Concepcion, naka-move on na sa break up nila ni Piolo P.

Bad News: break na sila ng kanyang French boyfriend.

Good News: Lito Lapid, may bagong teleserye sa ABS-CBN na pinamagatang “Little Champ.”

Bad News: senador pa natin siya.

Good News: Team Una nilangaw ang sortie sa Baguio, less than 1% ng city population ang dumalo.

Bad News: Ganon din ang Team PNoy.

Good News: Mabenta pa rin ang political jokes ni Erap.

Bad News: buti na lang, di siya candidate ng national post. bleh!

Good News: Implementing Rules and Regulation ng RH Law, pirmado na!

Bad News: Kaso, Supreme Court, naglabas ng status quo ante order. ano daw?

Good News: Maliksi, pinapaalis ng Supreme Court at ng COMELEC sa pwesto.

Bad News: kaso, ayaw pa ring umalis e.

Bad News: Team ni Jack Enrile, tinambangan habang papunta sa Tagum City.

Good News: wala raw nasaktan. (deja vu? staged?)

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Bromance, Anti-Gay


We always keep on hearing about Koko Pimentel trading barbs against Migz Zubiri. And the issue that he keeps on harping is the cheating during the 2004 elections. Koko still can’t get over how he was deprived of 4 2/12 of being a senator and keeps on calling Migz “pekeng senador.” Even his tagline loudly speaks how bitter he was of his stolen tenure in the senate, “kapag walang madaya, buhay kay saya.”

Migz apparently already fed up has this to say: “Bakit ako ang laging tinitira mo? May crush ka ba sa akin?” I almost spewed out what  I was drinking when I read this article. It is just so immature for supposedly dignified men to utter. He added “Mukhang may crush ka sa akin, may gusto ka ba sa akin? ’Yan ang dating. Ako tinawatag niyang pekeng senator. Siya ang peke. Bakit? ’Yung paglabas ni Lanto as Comelec commissioner na bata ng kanilang campaign manager, ’di siya nag-react at nagsalita.”

(full story here:

Uyyy, brokeback mountain / bromance na yan.


March: Women’s (and Anti-Gay) Month

It seems that March is not only the month dedicated to women. It seems that in the Philippines, it is also Anti-Gay month.

1. Few days ago, TV Host and Philstar columnist Christine Bersola-Babao wrote an article for parenting “Being Gay.” It described being gay as (1) a disorder, (2) a choice, (3) curable by re-orienting “misbehavior” during early childhood (eg, dolls are for girls, guns are for boys; you are girl, you should be liking a boy and vice versa). If all else fair, as a “consuelo de bobo,” the parents just have to accept their child who ended gay (as if they failed in their responsibility to groom the child.” Of course, there’s that famous line where Miriam Quiambao said homosexuality is a “lie from the devil.” Naturally, sound people and LGBT sympathizers hit the irresponsibly written article and gave the writer as well as interviewee Dr. Camille Garcia a dose of their own medicine.

What I loved of those who reacted was the statement by the Psychologists Association of the Philippines which reaffirmed its position borne from scientific knowledge that being gay is not a disease or disorder. Moreover, PAP enjoins Filipino psychologists to stand by their professional and ethical commitments to affirm the rights and wellbeing of all individuals.

PAP President Dr. Gina Hechanova said “the article presents a view of homosexuality that is clearly misinformed. We wish to invite the public to read more appropriate response to the same questions posed in the article. We also encourage media practitioners who wish to get professional psychological advice to see the list of certified psychologists in the PAP.

Which made me say, wow, Dra Camille, aray este OUCH!


2. On the very first day of the month, @greco_belgica, a senatorial candidate (DA WHO? I didn’t know we have such a candidate), has this to tweet:


Okay, so the tweet was not entirely homophobic. But what was striking was that he equated “bakla” with weakness, cowardice. Napoleon Bonaparte was gay, yet he was a conqueror if you must know Belgica. Moreover, in the history of Philippine Cinema, (and may I paraphrase this line from Direk Joey Reyes) Vice Ganda, a known gay, cross dressers still holds the most grossing film ever. Not your straight guy Lito Lapid or Derek Ramsay, but Vice Ganda, GAY.  Just because you don’t fight head on against your enemy doesn’t mean you’re gay enough to pull the trigger.

3. And then came the new pope, Pope Francis, who is… (drum roll) anti-gay, who referred to adoption by gay parents as a form of “discrimination against children..”

(Read more:

4. Not to be outdone, one of the senatorial candidate from the Ang Kapatiran party, Marwil Llasos admitted that he has “same sex affection” but shuns same sex as he has taken a vow of celibacy and purity.



Hail storm hits Quezon City. To which @mitosmagsaysay said “heaven must be crying. What was done must be undone.”

Mayor Lim and Erap Estrada signed peace pact last month. But in their face-off, they were cat-fighting without the actual face scratching motions. So I guess, peace pact nowadays mean that.

“Hindi porke pangit ka, masisindak mo na ako.” — a facebook page

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