First Run, First Medal

18 Apr


One activity during the 50th PPS Annual Convention was a fun run with the them “Takbo Para Sa Mga Batang Pinoy.” Since I was already having my treadmill runs for about a month already, I highly considered joining the activity, just for the fun of it.

There were 4 categories, 500m dash for kids, 500m dash for adults, 3K and 6K runs. ambitious as I was, I chose to enrol in the 6K category. As I was already doing 10K runs in the treadmill at 47mins, I though I would be able to run it in a shorter time as well. But then again, I never did my runs outdoors; all were indoors. Still I was determined to join and be in that category.

When the actual run came, I was surprised that from my chapter, I was the only on who will be doing 6K while most of my colleagues will be doing 3K and some 500m dash. I got nervous. I prepared for it I guess. I brought and charged my ipad which would help me determine my pacing. But at the field however, I forgot to bring the ipad, nor a watch to help guide my run. I think I did not have sufficient warm-up as well as shown by my quality of run later on.

The fun run was also scheduled in the dusk. the air was warm and humid. It was suffocating.

Gun start. I began with a regular pace. But as I was running some distance I came to realize that it was indeed different from running on the treadmill. I was slowing down. At the first water station, I had to gulp water while when in Baguio, I could finish a 10K with just few sips. After the first kilometer, I was feeling tired on my ankle forcing me to walk a few meters then resuming run again. This went on.

After four kilometers, I was already feeling tired. I was thinking maybe I can stop now. But then I came to remind myself, that my run is a statement. A statement where I wanted to say, “just because a person underwent by-pass surgery that he should be resting, babied, under the watch of a caregiver constantly. I came here to show that even just a few months after surgery, once can be fit to run.”

I just went on, still with that reminder in my mind… Alas! I did not win. I was not even at the top 10 runners. By 45’44” I was able to reach the finish line, earning myself a medal, but most of all the determination to finish what seemed to be a herculean task, on my very first outdoor run. Honestly I was disappointed as it was not a good finish. But this is my first run ever… A record I will be beating soon in my future runs.

Will I do this again? Hell… YES!

(With colleagues from PPS – Northern Luzon)

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