On Maligno, Jojo and Nancy

28 Apr


Once upon a time in the Middle Earth Kingdom of the Philippines, there lived several earth elements – tikbalang/kapre, dwende/nuno, tiyanaks, maligno, bampira and aswang. On that fateful day when they had to choose a leader, the maligno won the 2nd highest most coveted position in that kingdom. The leader of the kingdom created a policy never to usurp their power and violate rules, require privileges and special treatments. But in his few days in position, maligno was already seen being drunk with power. He was also noticed to be in eager anticipation of his rise the Number One position after 72 moons; he was already seen violating some even their simple broomstick rules. Not only did his convoy beat the red light, they turned on a no left turn lane.

Asked one time why he disregarded their broomstick rule, he said “wala namang wangwang e.” To which an irate aswang said… “Hindi literal ang ibig sabihin ng wangwang. Ang ibig sabihin ng “utak wangwang” walang special broomstick privileges porke opisyal ka ng lamang lupa, hindi lang yong pagpapatunog ng wangwang habang lumilipad ka sa broomstick mo. Shunga!”


Why won’t I vote for Nancy Binay? Let me count the ways…

1. Her slogan in her TV ad said: Nancy Binay, ang Nanay de Pamilya sa senado. @rapplerdotcom: Nancy Binary: Parody on son most hurtful “‘Wag na nila isama yong pamilya ko, lalo na ‘yung mga anak ko.” #PHvote”. — Now will you explain what does it mean to be Nanay de Pamilya yet you refuse to have your family parodied? …. Oh, no answer?

2. @inquirerdotnet: Nancy Binay still won’t do debates” – ano gagawin niya sa senado, interpreter para sa deaf-mute?

Nancy Binay, “Nanay de Pamilya sa senado,” still won’t do debates. – Ano gagawin niya sa senado, magpapadede habang nag-iinterpret para sa deaf-mute?

What makes Nancy be qualified to run as a senator?

VP Jojo Binay: well, she is my daughter. – Ukim!

Nancy: I was my father’s executive assistant. I was qualified by COMELEC. – Nancy, you may be qualified by the COMELEC, but to us voters, you are incompetent. Two words, big difference.



(I do not own this photo. Thanks to the one who created this meme.)


I had been trying to embed here the video clip from Saksi of that incident when he beat the red light, went against no left turn, but it cant seem get posted. I can post the link during editing but when I view the post, it does not appear. “Namaligno ata…” Anyway, this was the embed link I was trying to post:

JOJO vs BAYANI (2010)

Observe closely and find out who is blatantly lying.

If 2016 presidential election would be a choice between Jojo Binay and Kris Aquino, I would rather vote for Kris who pays her taxes well. She too is transparent enough, she can’t hide anything. Meanwhile, Binay violates traffic rules. He may have apologized then, but if you heard his explanation, it was full of bullshit.

The UNA 3 kings later instructed Gwen Garcia, Cebu’s governor accused of graft, to defy the orders of the Sandiganbayan and Ombudsman to step down from position as the case is being heard against her.

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