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28 Apr


Few weeks ago, rumor-mongers and gossipers had a festival after media reported what was supposed to be a trial court material. A broadsheet publicized a temporary protection order for Bimby Yap against his own father as the former allegedly has been traumatized by an incident that happened in their residence sometime December 2012. Details of the complaint had been included forcing the respondent to air his side. James Yap was interviewed and the media seem to have been elated to show him crying on cam. Accusations over accusations were thrown against each other until Kris Aquino went on air to announce a major decision, which was to quit from show business. ABS-CBN however emphasized she still has a contract and thus Kris cannot just resign that easily. To the dismay of her critics.

This time around, media is again having a gabfest over the Barretto’s family feud. Some even are trying convincing readers/viewers whom to side with. How pathetic. How low.

It cannot be denied that media is influential to the Filipino people. Filipinos have been craving for a change in governance, in their life status, in their mindset. But how can this happen when the people’s source of information delivers with much emphasis gossips over paradigm-shifting ideas, opinions that matters for the betterment of the country, politicians stands on several issues that beset the country? You see that on social network, trending topics consists of celebrities love teams, celebrity’s birthday, celebrity’s fashion fad, celebrity’s faux pas, celebrity’s incoming concert/gig. Bottomline: celebrities. With social media, are we creating a generation of gossipers, teenagers whose main activity is to trend a non-sensible issue over their studies? Teenagers are willing to lose sleep just to trend their favorite celebrities; but does not exert the same effort when it comes to reviewing for their examinations. What the hell is wrong? One time, Mario Maurer just bid good night, and in less than an hour, his tweet got 6 thousand plus retweets. @nababaha tweeted about weather advisory at the same time, and he only got less than 60 retweets?

Time and again I quote Eleanor Roosevelt who once said: “Small mind talks about people. Average mind talks about events. Great minds talk about ideas.” Our media gives more attention to celebrities and their scandals. I hate to admit it, but our media is only at par with small to average minds. Oh please, don’t insult the other us who crave for something better than what you keep offering. Level up for God’s sake! We’re sick of these cheap stuff! But then, the problem with my challenge is, are there writers out there who are of great minds?

Before, I looked forward to watching “Battle of the Brains.” It was a healthy competition among different students and schools. People did not only watch, they as well learned from the questions asked. Now, Sunday noontime tv shows are battles between two production shows. And what people are left to do is pitting one show against the other, ridicule which show has better production numbers, which show has more famous stars, which show has a talented performer.

I hope the media is proud of this achievement they are savoring right now.


Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga (photo:

Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga, a Pediatric Immunologist from the University of Massachusetts, is one of the doctors who formed part of the team that cured the first baby from HIV infection. Her father is a Filipino and she speaks Filipino. She is the other Filipino included in the latest Times 100 most influential people. (Read:

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