Election 2013: My Personal Experience

19 May

It has take me a long time to come back to this website to write. Problem is I don’t know what to write next. After all that election fever.

I must confess that this is the first time I have experienced an automated polling. I think the last election I voted before this was 2001. During the 2004 election, I was in Manila for my training in Neonatology. Thus I was not able to vote.

As I was not able to vote during the 2004 election, I was disqualified to vote again on 2007. So I planned to register then for the 2010 election. Unfortunately, it was not clear to me then when the registration is. By the time I have known the last few days of registration, that was the time when there were too many eager first-time voters who were registering. In Baguio City, there was only a limit of 150 voters per day. But the problem was that as early as 2 am, people already queue just to register at 8 am. I was suggesting a system to the local COMELEC then for them to issue numbers for the next day registrants so people don’t have to queue uselessly every wee hours in the morning. But it just fell on deaf ears. It was at that time when I get crazy referrals in the night or early hours of the morning so I can’t risk queuing up as early as 2 am just to be able to register. I rather sleep. In short, I failed to register. Thus I was not a part of the revolutionary election of 2010.

This time, before the registration ended on October 31, 2012, I made sure to register by September. It took me only a few minutes, with my Biometrics entered. What was even helpful this election year was the “Comelec” app for IOS that I was able to download. I was able to check my registration status. It gave me my precinct number. Unlike in the previous elections, you only get to know your precinct number on the day of election via checking of the roster posted outside the different polling centers. Only few others may have received a note from COMELEC then.

I went to the polling center. What was limiting was that for my baranggay with 8 precinct, there was only 1 PCOS machine. The polling center only had 10 desks so there were only 10 voters casting vote at a time. Thus, I had to line up for 1 and 1/2 hours outside. But filling out the ballot and casting entering it into the PCOS machine was a short time, it took me less than 5 minutes for the entire process. Perhaps because I only voted for a few candidates. Luckily, my ballot was not ejected out. I only had one attempt to enter it into the machine.

I was at the gym finishing my workout when the polling officially closed and canvassing began. The local poll (Baguio City) was not really that exciting except for the congressional post. It was a neck-to-neck battle between Aliping (independent) and Go (LP), with only about 2000 plus difference at the end of canvassing. I failed to get a COMELEC approved ID so I was not allowed to witness the official canvassing. It was already 2:30 am, I was waiting outside the canvassing center, waiting for one of the media personnel who gave us updates on the official canvassing. But with the latest update given 12:30 am with 86% votes canvassed already, I didn’t think the partial result would change already even after all votes have been canvassed. Thus, I decided to go home.

The mayoral post was won by the reelectionist Domogan, who I did not vote as I was totally disappointed with his latest political moves… The glitches I heard so far locally: the ballots for Lualhati Baranggay (4 precincts) were interchanged with those ballots for Compostella Valley. Otherwise, there were no major problems encountered locally.

(Oh, I thought there was nothing for me to write about…)

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