Miss Philippines Earth: Why SM MOA Arena?

19 May

Why is Miss Philippines Earth pageant being held at SM MOA Arena?

Firstly: SM celebrates earth hour, that’s great. But in the last Earth Hour, it held a concert at MOA in its celebration, event hosted by Marc Nelson. And that concert consumes more power than what is supposed to be saved during that 1 hour period. Isn’t that contradicting? The essence of Earth Hour is not merely switching off the light, but lowering energy consumption, in all forms. Not just light. Earth is not made only of light. Otherwise, the even should have been called Lights Off Hour, and not Earth Hour.

Number 2: SM Baguio in its expansion is trying to kill the legendary Baguio Pine Trees within its compound. While it is true that the area where the trees are planted is a private property, the process of ownership where the mall stands is still questionable up to this date. But there is already an existing law that prohibits even citizens to just merely cut trees, even in their own property.

Number 3: SM Aura, that posh mall recently inaugurated by Sarah Jessica Parker, was also illegally built on land owned by BCDA. The news article posted by Interaksyon mentions that the residents around the area are at risk without proper retaining wall.

How can SM be the proper partner for Ms Philippines Earth Beauty Pageants? If Ms Philippines Earth is a beauty for a cause pageant, a pageant of beauty and responsibility, how consistent is it with its propaganda of protecting earth if it partners with environment violator?

Sting, a known environmentalist, was supposed to hold concert at the MOA Arena, but cancelled performance after residents of Baguio appealed to him to reconsider holding his concert in that venue in the light of the battle for the Baguio Pines Trees. How come Ms Cathy Untalan of the Carousel Production do not seem to appreciate the contradiction and still partners with this giant environmental violator?

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