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Thank You


My own heart during my bypass operation

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to all of you who were the instruments of God that I be given another new purposeful life. I wish someday I will be able to repay you all for your kindness…

These are the people who I personally call my own #TeamBuhay (TeamLife)

Cardiovascular surgeons: Dr. Aleta, Dr. J. Bautista, Dr. R Hojilla
Cardiologists: Dr. S. Black, Dr. J. Calibuso, Dr. H. Helenne Brown
Pulmonologists: Dr. Ruel Revilla, Dr. Jovy Nigos, Dr. Kareem Mejia Eustaquio
Anesthesiologists: Dr. Juffey S. Tabingan Dr. L. Revilla, Dr. Florentino
Neurologist: Dr. Dudds Fangonilo
Gastroenterologist: Dr. William Antonio
Nephrologist: Dr. Vivian Untalan
Endocrinologist: Dr. Raymond Oribio
Infectious Disease: Dr. Rhoda Lynn Orallo-Fajardo
Physiatrist (Rehabilitation Medicine): Dr. Judah Leo Capistrano

and the NDCH Resident physicians – Dr. Venus, Dr. Von, Dr. Novie, Dr. Jen, Dr.Rainville, (forgive me if I missed someone) 

OR AND ICU: Regene Flora, Maura Maggudayao, Pauline Alzona, Michelle Ariz
Nicolette Batenga, Moby Burayag, Kenneth Cosi, Aljan Jay Mendoza, Miles (who guards my secret after shaving me and inserting my IFC LOL), Chief Nurse Sr. Cora (who strictly implemented the visitation restrictions and for that wonderful salads she always prepared for me when I was already on full diet). 

NDCH Administration: Sr. Adelina Javellana, who facilitated the my team of cardiovascular surgeons who was supposed to be on their way back to Manila and whose birthday celebration I interrupted with my tragedy

PCDH Emergency Staff: (my apologies for not gathering your names) who were the first line and bore the stress during my resuscitation

Dr. Efren Balanag for the first blows of breathe

Dr. Cristy Marrero, for intubating me

Dr. Arlene Baguilat for facilitating my transfer from PCDH to NDCH

For the other people that were as well instrumental for my survival, without your help I wont be able to make it:

SLU Pediatric Residents: Dr. R. Arca, Dr. Jeh del Rosario, Dr. Resie Casem, Dr. A. Aragon, Dr. Ivy Ausa, Dr. Terence Fang – for facilitating blood units and blood donors for my emergency surgery

My blood donors: Dr Giovanni Balangay, Dr Delvyne Agsalud, Dr Karol Villanueva, Dr David Dumaup, Dr Philip Parilla, Mr Arca — husband of one of my Pedia resident Dr Rowena Arca

To my residency batchmates who stood by me like my brother and sister – Dr. Tolits Domingo and Dr. Myra Estrada

My “mother” during my residency Dr. Gomez, who kept comforting my biologic mother.


SPECIAL THANKS also goes out to:

My Pediatrician colleagues in the entire Baguio Community, actually the BBMS

The Philippine Pediatric Society – Northern Luzon Chapter

Dr. Benjie Co and Bob James Carreon

My USTH Family

The Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine

Cong Mark and Kimi Cojuangco who sent their staff to check on my condition and offering help

My twitter gangster family who have been in my defense while being attacked by a certain @ConcernedAntiRH, labelling me an abortionist #7 at the time I was struggling and fighting for my life

Sen Pia Cayetano for the thoughtful gift

my Facebook friends and others who joined the prayer brigade for my survival and recovery

my gym friends Ms Rina, Rose, Grace, Dindin, Guion, Kylie, Ate Len, Rhoda, Fred, Jun, Erick, Aldrin, Atty Jeff

My mother Maria, my father John, my brother Lawrence, and my sisters Vanessa and Candice, my nephews Laurent Jan and Viktor Rami, and cousin Raquel.

(I may have forgotten some people who were crucial to my survival and recovery, please do forgive me. I think my short term memory has been somewhat affected)

And above all, the Lord Almighty for the second chance to live life purposefully anew.

A BIG BIG THANKS to all of you. 

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The Teacher: Underpaid Professionals


Teachers are one of the most underpaid professionals in the country, literally underpaid. Why so?

For a full time teacher, he/she is only paid for his/her work from 8 am to 5 pm in a day, giving lectures to his/her students. Just that, no overtime pay at all. But is the teacher’s work only confined within that 8am to 5pm time slot? Definitely not. In fact, majority of his/her work is outside of that paid time, an overtime. 

What constitutes the teacher’s overtime works? 

1. He/She prepares the lecture, and in doing so, must research several resource materials for a good content of each lecture. He/She should keep himself/herself updated as well so that his lectures are in keeping with the changing times. Each lecture entails creation of instructional design – the objectives, contents, the sources, learning activities/teaching strategies, and methods of evaluation. (For the elementary teachers, this would be their lesson plans). Teachers should be careful and make sure that everything he/she utters in front of his/her students are factual. Whatever the teacher says is considered gospel truth by his/her students and is sometimes upheld by the students over what is said by parents at home. The preparations are very taxing, and you only deliver it for an hour. It is therefor insulting when the students do not listen, do not enter classes and attend to the lectures, or when the student just asks a copy of the lecture so he/she doesn’t have to listen to its delivery. How much time did the poor and lowly teacher devote for this? 

2. When a teacher construct test questions, he/she has to always consider the MPL – minimum passing level. This pertains to the degree of the difficulty of the question being asked. This is based on the probability that a minimally competent student will be able to answer the question correctly. When you set the MPL at 65, this means that at least 65% of the students will be able to answer correctly this particular question. And that should always be considered for every question that the teacher drafts. Secondly, the teacher should make sure that each question should be answerable for a maximum time of 1 minute. Therefore, when an examination period lasts for 2 hours, it means that the teacher should maximally ask 120 questions only. How long does it take to make a quality question thus? That would entail a minimum of 5 minutes (that is, basing from personal experience). It takes more time for the teacher to construct the question that the time it will take the students to answer it. 

3. Of course, those test papers need to be corrected as well, recorded, and grades computed. While some teachers device a way to make correcting test papers conveniently, it still entails time to do so. The advent of technology has as well allowed teachers to easily compute grades. Otherwise, manual computation would entail more time to do such.

Teachers do not only need to lecture, prepare test questions, compute grade. At school, they are also disciplinarian, second mother/father to their students while away from home, influencers and molders of our children. And so much more.

They are encouraged as well to undergo postgraduate studies. This allows the teachers to be adept with the facts they teach their students, improve or enhance their teaching skills, etc. There is of course an advantage to that, and few of those include promotion to the next level, better salary, better credentials and an expert, authority in his/her field.

Our teachers do sacrifice a great deal beyond what is paid by their salary. But despite that, their sheer dedication to their profession keeps them striving so that our children may be able to learn well; and everyone of us had been taught by a teacher. They are indeed the unsung heroes, often paid tribute only by mere words. They deserve more than their pay, or citations. They deserve our lifetime respect.

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