When Life Ends Unexpectedly…

21 May

Yesterday, 20th of March, was the birthday of one of my god children. A few years ago, that day was very tragic because while the grandfather was grilling some hotdogs for the celebrator, he suddenly collapsed. I was four floors down in my apartment unit, just arrived from work and just took off my shoes when I heard a soft voice, almost a whimper, calling me. “Doc… Doc… nagcollapse si papa” were the words that I heard. Immediately I ran upstairs and checked his pulses. I could not say he has no pulses. That would be the last thing every family members wants to hear. I told them we need to go to the hospital. Gladly, the son-in-law was around, and he drives well, really really well.

The relatives were saying we bring uncle to this secondary hospital but I argued and told them he cannot be cared for properly there as there is no ICU set-up there. Inside the vehicle, I tried my very best still to do chest compressions but I could not do it the proper way with the correct pressure because he was on my lap while I was compressing him; we were at the back seat. Still I tried and persevered. Traffic leading to the hospital was hell, but gladly, I was with the best race driver in Baguio. And thankfully, the vehicles cooperated with the emergency signal and honking he sounded.

We rushed to my alma mater and gladly upon reaching the emergency room, every personnel needed to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation was already there, there was no need to page for a resident. Vitals were 0. After few minutes of trying to revive him, defibrillation, his vitals were back but still comatose. He was transferred to the ICU. Later on, when the other family members arrived, I learned that he already had previous heart operations and heart attacks. Sadly, after few days, when he perhaps bid goodbye to everyone in the household, he left…

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