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While it is true that fat jokes are at the most offensive, this is what I think about it.

IF a person is fat because he/she suffers from medical conditions (endocrine-metabolic problems), or is taking medication/s that makes him/her fat as a consequence, psychological causes like depression, then making a joke out of his/her fatness would be outright offensive; he/she did not acquire his/her fatness INTENTIONALLY

However, if the person became fat because of his/her lack of discipline and irresponsibility towards his/her own body, and his/her attention was called to it, and still intentionally keep on doing things that brought about his/her, or aggravate his/her dysmorphology, then he/she has no right to be offended if ever generic fat jokes are cracked. Fat jokes at the expense of one person though, remains offensive.



Finally, Charice Pempengco, the diminutive singer with a big and magnificent voice, publicly admitted her real sexual preference on television yesterday. However, what was sad with her announcement was that, she had to APOLOGIZE! People lauded her, while others remained critical. She is proud of her being, she said. She is unsure how people will accept her, but has foreseen that some of her fans may leave her camp after this public admittance. There was nothing wrong about her being a lesbian, and she should not apologize for being one, not even to her mother or brother. It was not a choice for her to make, it was her being.

What statement I liked that supporters were saying was that “talent has no gender.”

I echo the sentiments of others who said they look forward to the day when living who you are should not require public announcement; people who are gay should not feel obliged to divulge about themselves publicly and that they be accepted without hostility.



Michael Douglas has admitted that it was oral sex that brought about his oral cancer, and not anything else. It was caused by human papilloma virus. This virus is acquired through direct skin-to-skin contact – whether sexually or otherwise. This virus as well causes ano-rectal cancer for those who practice unprotected anal sex.

This again highlights the importance of men and women having the human papilloma virus vaccine as the virus do not only cause oral, anal and genital warts; and oro-pharyngeal, rectal and cervical among women. It also causes the same in men, gay or not.


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