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Johnny and Jack Enrile

Many weeks ago, senatorial candidates Grace Poe and Alan Peter Cayetano had their lives featured in the longest running drama anthology, Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK), that is being hosted by Ms. Charo Santos.

Not to be outdone, two weeks just prior to the election, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s life drama was also featured in a mini-series. It will not only aired in one, but two Saturdays preceding election date. While SPJE is not running yet for re-election as he has remaining 3 years to his term, his son, Jack Enrile is. And by virtue of name recall, this hopes to boost the dropping rank of Jack Enrile during the recent SWS surveys.

On the eve of the declaration of Martial Law, JPE’s convoy was ambushed at Wack-wack, San Juan. This then justified the declaration of Martial Law. On 1986, while JPE and Fidel Ramos drifted to the side of Mrs Corazon Aquino during the snap election, JPE revealed that the his ambush then was staged, fake. (Read: However, in his memoirs, JPE recanted and claimed that the ambush on him was real. (Read:

I wonder, which version of the ambush will be aired during the MMK run of his bio-drama. Moreover, I never thought JPE was as handsome as Enrique. (teehee)

Reading my timeline yesterday, I came across a retweet from @doc4dead that said…Image

In response to this, @ChiliMedley said that another friend @NoOtherNicky was almost killed as well by the back-up vehicle of Jack Enrile few weeks ago.


Few weeks ago, there was news that Jack Enrile’s convoy, while en route to Tagum City, unidentified gunmen fired at their vehicles while they were at Mawag, Compostela Valey. Fortunately, no one was hurt. (Read:… Hmmmm smells fishy, sounds familiar.

Jack Enrile was one of the top absentee during the 15th congress. He only attended 44 sessions, making him rank 4th of the congressmen with the most absences. Apparently he improved though. Because in the year 2011, he was 6th ranking among those with most number of absences.

Apparently he didn’t like his job of attending congressional sessions and prefer to be with his constituents. If this was his attitude when he was a congressman, why would I trust him to be a senator, especially while his father is there for three years? Did he have epiphany that his calling is to become a senator rather than be a congressman that this time around he won’t be a perennial absentee? (Read: Also check:


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Why Should They Deserve Our Vote? (Part I)

This is the analyses and thoughts of Mr. Jaime Garchitorena on some of the candidates who are running for the senate. (Yes, the Jaime Garchitorena, who sang the “you’re just a smile away” close up TVC jingle!). With his permission, I have copied these from his facebook status and compiled them in this blog. He gave nice pointers for us to think about before we even dare to shade that circle corresponding to their names in that ballot. I was the one who conceived the tile.




On Karen Davila’s show, same one that Cristian Seneres was on, Ricardo Penson, another independent also pitched his woo.

To be fair, he was pretty well spoken and seemed to have a lot of professional credits to his name. His online resume lists him as part of Office of the President of the Philippines from 1987 – 1992 ( the Cory years) where he “Represented the office in the National Intel Board, National Intel Coordinating Agency. Monitored issues affecting national security and political conditions, provided operational requirements of executive sanctioned missions.” He seemed to have his own views on what this country needed and he says he ran for some public office in the 90s (and lost) to some actor ( I cant recall as I write) so his desire for public service has some history.

On the dark side for Penson, he’s had four wives and he has had charges of wife beating leveled against him (by ex wife Dona Bonnevie …yup the Dina Bonnevie) which he refuses to expound on as (in his words) they are a matter of public record. A shame because as it was brought up, his reluctance to even quickly explain leaves the unstable husband, wife beater image hanging.

He also seems to have a sort of axe to grind with his sister Margie Juico (yes the Margie Juico of PCSO) and sites that he stopped talking to her (difference in opinion on political maters) since Aquino took office so I would say there’s some personal/political driver to his running as well.

So on paper and in his interview he doesn’t seem to have anything really wrong with him.

But can he win? I don’t think so.

If anything for me, Ricardo Penson, is an object lesson on how running for the Senate is not something you do at the spur of the moment. People will look for either history in service, a party affiliation, and/or a sparkling personality, all of which will lend to a trust factor that leads to votes, all of which Penson has not nurtured over time or has none at all.

Like every other independent, Penson is one of the many aspirants that seem to come out of the woodwork during election time and makes the average voter ask:

Who you? And Why now ka lang?

And in reality, three months isn’t enough time to let people know, and ten million pesos isn’t enough money to get the message out.



(photo courtesy of
akala ko si Lou Veloso ito.


But I love looking at these independents and trying to figure out what goes on in their heads and during his interview with Karen Davila two things jumped out the most:

One, while he was a Representative of BUHAY Partylist (2003-2007), he was quick to distance himself from Mike Velarde, even to the point of dissing him. He did this by claiming that Brother Mike called on his flock to have free will in voting (versus the Iglesias reported command voting) only because no one listened to Mike Velarde anyway. Now not that I give a shit but hey, you won under his party list and now your dumping on him on national TV? Becasue you say that the BUHAY Mike Velarde flock is going to vote you in anyway? Poor form.

The other is that, if I heard correctly, he says he’s anti dynasty, but he says his father is running under a party list? Wait a minute…aren’t you running for the Senate? So if you win and your dad wins then isn’t that a dynasty too? Maybe I misheard? Let me know.

Like I said, he was never on my list, but its just amazing how some people feel that theyre “ready” for the big time but have no one helping them along to tell them that what they say and do makes them look small time. Oh wait…maybe thats why.

He should sit down with JC De Los Reyes. I think they’d have a lot to talk about.



It has been quoted many times, that Nancy Binay is, literally, running on nothing but her father’s name.

Of course she tries to put on a brave face, insisting that her osmotic experience with her parents and her role as a mother really qualifies her to run. Ok maybe I’ll grant her that. In fact I’ll grant that anyone, within prescription, is qualified to run. 

But in reality, how many people, with the little qualification that Nancy Binay has, in the real world, will be picked up and endorsed by, UNA, the second largest political party in the Philippines? I mean, I don’t think JC de lo Reyes has a chance of getting more than the 40 thousand votes he says he got in the presidential race of 2010 but I think he’s light years more qualified than Nancy Binay. Hagedorn! Why not Hagedorn. He’s Erap’s close friend, and has loads of accomplishments. Why not him?

So one has to ask the question, in a tight political mid-term race, why DOES, the second largest political party take on a political lightweight? Why does Vice President Jejomar Binay, already acknowledged as the man to beat in 2016 for the Presidents seat, field his inexperienced daughter in a national election that beats the heck out of even the most hardened and fit politicians?

The answer, to me, is as simple as it is sad. 

Nancy Binay is simply being used by her father and her father’s party, as a weather vane for her father’s, Jejomar Binay’s, Presidential bid in 2016.

Nancy Binay is being used as a trial balloon for name recall.
Nancy Binay is being used to test the alliances that then Mayor Binay nurtured in the League of Mayors which he used to win the vice presidential race in 2010.
Nancy Binay is being fielded to test what kind of traction the family name will get in the provinces and areas the older alliances did not reach.

Bottom line?

Nancy Binay is a child being used by her father and her fathers party for political gain. 




In an interview with Karen Davila, Cynthia Villar claimed she has a foundation with livelihood and entrepreneurship (anti-poverty) as its advocacy.

Unfortunately when asked about the financials of the foundation, her answer was pretty much an I dont know. A bit more disturbing is she says that it’s her husband Manny and her son who handles the finances. 

Aside from this apparent disregard for the money side (which is odd for someone who claims to be a businesswoman) she doesnt seem to have any hard statistics on hand on WHAT HER SUCCESS RATE IS? You’d think that if that was her advocacy, even if Karen never asked her for numbers, she should have been the first to concretise her claims into real verifiable values.

No data means all talk.

Not my kind of Senator.



1) On Karen Davila’s show (today), Karen called JV out and reminded him that when he announced his running for the Senate, he said he wouldn’t use the ESTRADA name to avoid confusing the voters. Well its clear he is using the ESTRADA name and his only excuse is…well…basically he wants to win and is leveraging off his brothers and fathers national presence. Bottom line, winning supercedes his principles.

2) Still on the show, when asked if he was PRO or ANTI RH, JV said he was a qualified PRO. But asked how he voted he said since the PRO RH was going to win anyway he voted ANTI. WHen pressed why, he said he didnt want any friction with his mom who was ANTI RH. I think someone has to remind JV EJERCITO ESTRADA that his vote in Congress MUST REFLECT what is needed and beneficial to his constituents AND NOT SOMETHING HE DOES TO PRESERVE HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS MOTHER.

So its clear. JV will go back on his word, leverage off his family name just to win, and will consider what his mother wants over what his constituents want.

Still want to vote for him?



While it seemed like a nice casual chat, it was pretty much the same ho-hum Jack Enrile interview replicated from one interviewer. 

There are 3 portions of note: 

First was the portion where he explains his absences in Congress to his wanting to be in the field (in touch with the people). And while he makes an interesting distinction between beeing in attendance versus being productive, a person who prefers to be in the field may not be the right person for the Senate. 

Second where he constantly makes the assertion that he is no puppet of his father. Even if I agree to that, and even if the sins of the father cannot be the sins of the son, the father has made too many questionable relationships throughout his long life and I cannot imagine that Jack Enrile can shake off these relationships even after the elder Enrile has passed on.

The last, and to me most interesting part, is where he tries to address the allegations of his direct involvement in the death of three people. As Karen Davila noted, Jack Enrile was implicated in 3 murders. The first two he attributes to over eager body guards. But despite his indirect involvement, he explains the first two to great detail. Strangely, the last death, the one involving his sister Katrina, his Chief of Security Gringo Honasan, and Alfie Anido (the alleged suicide but rumored murder victim who Jack Enrile characterises as his best friend), and where he claims he was, was the least detailed of all. Even stranger is his fathers official memoirs, claims that that Jack Enrile was not at the location of Anidos death. Im assuming that the elder Senator is nofool, and every word that went into his book was properly vetted. Jack Enrile atibutes the discrepancy to a lapse in Senator Enriles fading memory. I would imagine though, that for such a controversial event, and rumors to the contrary, any editor worth his salt with co-check the facts with Jack. 

I encourage everyone to watch the video ( please use the power of the search) and make your own decisions regarding Jack Enrile and his bid for a Senate Seat.

I really love Jaime’s take on these candidates. I hope he dissects all the others thoroughly too before the election day. Expect more from him. 

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