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How My 2012 Went

Well, how do I describe 2012? I don’t think there’s only one adjective I could use to characterize it.

During the first quarter, I was able to have my own car and in a few days time of guidance from my friend, I was able to drive by myself.

I was able to finish paying for my vacation resort (which will last for 30 years).

Then there were these intrigues I got that my social network activities were being monitored and picked up for topics during executive committee meetings.

Another down I had was when my first ever car got hit by an unknown assailant and ran away, leaving it almost total wreck. As of this date, the repair has not even started as there were issues between the motorshop and the insurer. Since my job was being jeopardized, I had to loan another cheaper car meanwhile.

I was able to pay the down payment of a condominium I got, which initially I planned to be rented out to students nearby.

I started investing on another condominium unit, this time for my own use. (Now this explains why my savings have been depleted).

I celebrated my 38th birthday at Singapore, stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The hotel gave me a complimentary birthday cake. Well it was a small gesture but I got flattered and made me happy. Was able to visit the Universal Studio and the Harry Potter Exhibit (of most of the props used in all of the movies). It is here where I noticed how different they are from us Filipinos in terms of discipline, law obedience, amongst other else.

I met new friends through RH Bill and our meet ups had been going regular. Everytime I go down to Manila, there would at least be a gathering amongst us. I got to befriend and/or meet many legislators, journalists, showbiz celebrities, and fellow citizens fighting for the passage of the bill.

In my career, I was approved to be reclassified as Fellow from Diplomate status. However, I was not able to make it to the induction ceremonies as I was stuck in the traffic. I was then notified to be inducted on the next occasion instead.

And of course, the grandest story of all, by the end of the year, I died but got pulled out from the grips of death. Of course the big question was why did this happen to me this soon? I was known by almost all of my colleagues to workout regularly, had a controlled diet and a regular medication for about five years now. I didn’t have any major symptoms. In fact few weeks before the tragedy, I was already tolerating long-distance running without any disturbance. I was now trying to get ready for fun runs. I knew I had the risk and thus modified my lifestyle. But even long before I started this paradigm shift, my cholesterol had already been depositing into my vessels. I thought I will have this operation during my later years, not this early and tragic.

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