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Earth-Balling Pine Trees, SM and Lies

How does a baby survive inside a mother’s womb? PLACENTA… It is one of the 3 layers of membranes that serve to protect the baby during the course of pregnancy. It serves like a siphon for blood, nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood to the fetus. Once separated prematurely from the uterus (condition known as abruptio placentae/placental abruption), the baby dies. Thus during child birth, the normal process is that the baby is delivered first, the umbilical cord is cut, before the placenta separates.

Now let’s consider the seemingly irrelevant trees. For trees to survive, it also needs a placenta that will serve to absorb water and minerals from the soil. Unknown perhaps to others, the roots don’t just work simply that way. Roots depends on a very microscopic structures to do the absorptive function, the root hairs.

Root hairs (photo:; )

The root hairs are the small tiny projections that emanates from the smallest branching of the root system. They perform the absorptive function of the roots just like how placenta works for babies. They are microscopic (invisible to the naked eye) delicate yet crucial to the survival of a tree. That removing these minute structure such as in uprooting/earth-balling them is likened to placental abruption. This also causes the tree to starve (shock state) until it dies.

So explain to me how a successful earth-balling of trees work…

Being a microscopic structure, you will literally need microscope to identify these small structures. For you to be able to preserve these intact in your attempt to uproot one tree, it may take you years. With what SM Baguio is doing right now, they are uprooting these trees recklessly. Few minutes, you see trees shaking and then next minute, you see them fall.

(Photo courtesy: Baguio Bushman)

In the SM Baguio tarpaulin poster presentation of it’s expansion plan, it stated there that the mall developer has partnered with a US firm, expert on such matters, to safeguard and ensure the survival of the trees. See the picture above… does that really convince you they did such consultation? SM, are you implicating that the US firm you have partnered with are these effective?

Few years ago, World Bank categorized Baguio as the most polluted city in the country. Weren’t we enraged? That’s why that meter that monitors how many parts per million of pollutants was installed there at the foot of Session Road. Things were done and now we’re no longer considered one. Our trees have done their part. Now if we try to remove those existing trees, aren’t we going back to our old “most polluted city?” It’s ironic because Baguio City is already in the Hall of Fame of The Cleanest and Greenest City in the country.

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