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sotto (a) verb – copying one’s work and claim it as your own. (synonym: plagiarize); (b) noun, the act of crying on national television to claim a son died because of wife’s intake of contraceptive pills that came out to the public 3 years after the death of the son; (c) noun – a person who claims he was sent by God and whose mission in life is to oppose passage of reproductive health and responsible parenthood bill into law (synonym: bigot)

mitos magsawsaw (a) verb – the act of commenting on all administration-related issues; (b) noun – the state of denying once a close ally in order to advance own personal agenda (eg, “I am not close with GMA… we only see each other during house sessions”); (c) adjective – an attempt to sell yourself as feisty, fearless, ready to fight anyone. in other words, mongrel; (d) the act of claiming you follow the administration’s tuwid na daan but back lashes after being categorically denied of joining the administration bandwagon

enrile (a) noun, the act of claiming your ambush was staged to support passage of a martial law but in later life deny it in your memoir

lacson (a) noun – male with a macho first name but adapts a sissy nickname and categorically denies he is gay… and will never be gay; (b) adjective – a policeman who is cleared after being embroiled in rubout and deaths of people of influence

arroyo – (a) adjective, the butt of all misfortunes that beset’s a country; (b) noun – a petite woman who claims she will not run for election after unseating a popular president but still runs and wins through cheating; (c) noun – the original “amalayer”

dick (a) verb – to stand erect when stimulated…. by calamities, head a national organization, mobilize people and later on use this as a propaganda to woe votes during a national election; (b) noun – a tool used to penetrate an imperforate anus… just so your campaign slogan would rhyme

noynoy (a) noun – a balding head of the state; (b) verb – to delegate a task to your subordinates and take all the blame if they did not deliver; (c) adjective – someone who blames his fault to a predecessor, including the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus (via @hecklerforever)

miriam (a) noun – a person who asks God for a second life to be able to investigate erring public officials, including God; (b) noun – a person accused of using public funds to buy grocery, pay salary of maids and pay rent to own building

chiz (a) noun – an arrogant, alcoholic man who sprawls on his girlfriend’s house’s sofa; (b) adjective – an ambitious man who asks for a campaign fund but denies he needs a haciendero to be able to pursue a presidential campaign; (c) noun – a person who uses neuroleptic, hypnotic technique when talking in front of the press to captivate an audience; (d) adverb – talking in verbally-rich sentences that only translate to two to three English words after each sentences

llasos (a) adjective – a person who is gay but deprives himself of sexual gratification because of vow of purity and celibacy… ahhhhhh shet! adu la amin!

rh bill (a) noun – the reason for all the calamities in a Catholic country. (antonym – wrath of God)

nancy (a) noun – any person who served as an executive assistant of a parent that becomes instantly qualified for a senatorial seat

jamby (a) noun – a person who offers a contest with luxurious prizes (eg, ipad) to woe votes; (b) noun – someone who claims to be pro-poor but doesn’t know the prize of the food poor people eats

sonny (a) adjective – gwapo. ’nuff said. (hahaha bias… e definition ko to no, may angal?)

eric (a) verb – to dance as a campaign for any health related programs


Fr. Dakay of Cebu criticized the new pope for taking a bus,. He said the new pope (as a cardinal in Argentina) would cook his own food or take public transport. “just because he knows how to cook doesn’t mean he has to cook his food. And I don’t think Buenos Aires will allow him to take a bus. He has a car. Moreover he added that “sobra ra sab na kaayo nga pasakyon na lang mi tanan og Ceres (bus) — (It is too much to have us ride a bus. That is no longer right.) (From philstar the freeman editorial, March 18, 2013 12:00 am.)

Nang dahil sa yo Fr Dakay, mas lalo dadami pa ang magiging Katoliko. Nice job!

Have a solemn reflections on this Holy Week. In other words, enjoy your vacation.

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DICK-shunari, DAKAY

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Good News, Bad News

Good News: In love kaming dalawa.

Bad News: In love ako sa kanya, in love siya sa iba.

Good News: Sharon Cuneta, nanahimik sa social media after ng new year’s greetings niya.

Bad News: Wala na siyang TV show.

Good News: Kaanib ng LGTB is Risa Hontiveros. “Wag mashokot, maki-warla!”

Bad News: Kumanta sila ni PNoy sa kanyang TV ad.

Good News: Cynthia Villar, nagsorry na sa mga nurses.

Bad News: Nasa top 12 pa rin siya.

Good News: Sabi ni Pope Francis: “do not condemn.”

Bad News: Nagkalat na ang Team Patay tarpaulins hanggang Baguio Cathedral.

Good News: Nancy Binay nag-alok ng dinner sa mga kasabayang Team PNoy na nangampanya sa Baguio.

Bad News: walang kumagat sa offer (baka di siya nakita).

Good News: bababa ang singil ng kuryente

Bad News: nek nek mo. Summer na. Mas malaki konsumo mo ng kuryente sa electric fan at air conditioner.

Good News: KC Concepcion, naka-move on na sa break up nila ni Piolo P.

Bad News: break na sila ng kanyang French boyfriend.

Good News: Lito Lapid, may bagong teleserye sa ABS-CBN na pinamagatang “Little Champ.”

Bad News: senador pa natin siya.

Good News: Team Una nilangaw ang sortie sa Baguio, less than 1% ng city population ang dumalo.

Bad News: Ganon din ang Team PNoy.

Good News: Mabenta pa rin ang political jokes ni Erap.

Bad News: buti na lang, di siya candidate ng national post. bleh!

Good News: Implementing Rules and Regulation ng RH Law, pirmado na!

Bad News: Kaso, Supreme Court, naglabas ng status quo ante order. ano daw?

Good News: Maliksi, pinapaalis ng Supreme Court at ng COMELEC sa pwesto.

Bad News: kaso, ayaw pa ring umalis e.

Bad News: Team ni Jack Enrile, tinambangan habang papunta sa Tagum City.

Good News: wala raw nasaktan. (deja vu? staged?)

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