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Was It A Ghost?

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you experienced their presence, seen them, heard them? I have a personal experience, it’s up to you to believe it or not.

Last Friday, I attended the wedding rites of a dear friend. After the church ceremonies, I went home for some reason. I had lunch at home and was killing time as we closed the clinic for a holiday. I will just be going to SLU-HSH to conduct NICU audit with my residents and medical students. My brother, who was on a lunch break from work was holding my nephew, seated on the sofa (he is the favorite uncle of my nephew between us), while I was at my nephew’s other side. I took some snapshots of him with my phone camera. Then I charged the phone, placing it in front of the tv set. While me and my brother were playing with my nephew, the camera spontaneously clicked, without being touched. There was nothing put on top of the phone that might pressure it to click. We thought it was nothing so we did not mind it. But in less than 5 minutes, it licked again. Me and my brother looked at each other and he had goose bumps, I did not. We just dismissed this and did not pay attention much. This was the actual picture taken by the camera. (I did not invent this picture just to creep you.)


On the night after, I suddenly had itching all over my body, most especially near my chest scars and neck. I kept on scratching the entire night, but as a person of science I did not mind and did not interpret it otherwise.

Yesterday night, Sunday, I was again watching television. My older nephew was carrying my other nephew while mom and dad were doing their own chores respectively. All of a sudden, the tv screen just popped out with the menu even without the remote control being touched. The RC was not under anything that might press it by pressure. In fact the RC was placed like this (see picture), in front of the tv (same area where the iphone was placed 2days ago).


When everybody was asleep and I was the only one left watching tv, there, the again was displayed without me touching the remote. (I took this pic at a later time just to illustrate the menu I was referring to that pops out) Again, I didn’t have goosebump nor felt anything weird but I already realized I was not alone at the sala. Moreover, I felt itchy all over my body again despite taking anti-histamine.

Whether it was a ghost or not, I know for a fact these strange phenomena will not happen by themselves…


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